I'm an Iraqi Veteran, wife, and mother.

I'm a country girl with an old-school soul and I'm on a mission to learn how to do as much as I can for myself that doesn't require me to buy things (if I can) to get it done.

Together my husband and I have our son and our daughter that keep us on our toes and a little more weary than normal. We're bound and determined to homeschool them and teach them skills that are long since forgotten in most schools and cities.

Dirt and a little horse poop never hurt anyone and we're living our life the way the Good Lord intended….. right beside one another (mostly at least).

Our Life Currently

My husband drives 3 hours south of our home to go to work and comes home on the weekends. Sometimes the kids and I will go with him, but mostly we stay home to care for our horses and try to grow our flock of chickens.

We're currently staying in a family home on approximately 11 acres with my husbands family on the same land. While we can homestead here for a while, we are on the scout for our own plot of land to call home and to create what we're wanting from life.

Having a Simple Little Homestead is a lifestyle not a fad.

Questions, comments, or need a little help? You can reach me here.


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