Rainy Day RV Activities for Kids

image of a little baby playing with blocks

A lot of times people don’t realize just how entertained kids can be when you live full-time in an RV. Not only can you do activities inside, but you can do activities outside. But, what if it’s raining? Well, we found some raining day RV activities for kids (adults can do these too)!

In the article before this one, I talked about the different ways kids can have fun in an RV. This one I’m going to focus on rainy day activities. There are quite a few things you can do to entertain kids really. Search Pinterest and you’ll get an entire vault of ideas!

Rainy Day RV Activities for Kids

#1 Learning to Write the Alphabet with Cotton Swab Painting

Are your kid(s) at the age where they’re starting to write or needing to get better at writing? Check out this activity! You can grab some craft paper, paint, and cotton swabs for a lot of fun. You’ll need to write out some things for them to trace and then set up their painting station.

It can be hours of fun if it’s done right.

You can also do this with pictures too. You can print out or draw out some pictures for them to paint with cotton swabs. Call it a new spin on coloring!

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#2 Firework Salt Painting

This looked so fun. Is July or New Years coming up? This activity is great for lessons and just for fun.

You can teach kids about the history of how New Year’s started and where the Fourth of July came from. I love activities that can be doubled as a lesson too. I can always reuse them later or keep them for fun.

Not to mention, what kid wouldn’t enjoy this?

#3 Dragons Love Tacos Crafts

This little craft idea is fun and creative. Teach your kids about the letter T and have fun at the same time. Our kids love dragons so this is perfect for teaching and playing games at the same time.

My daughter will stomp around the RV rawring at us while she pretends to be a dragon. It gets worse when my son grabs his sword and decides to charge after her. ?‍♀️ I have to put a stop to that quick.

Thankfully, this little craft game here will get them sitting down.

#4 Yarn Wrapped Cardboard Letters

You can use this as a craft and a decoration fun activity all wrapped in one. Tell your kids that you’re going to hang their artwork in the house or in their room.

They’ll get all into it knowing their crafts will be visible all throughout the house for others to see.

My kids love creating things to be hung on the refrigerator. So, this is a good way to get things that can decorate the walls. I might be tempted to actually get them to wrap some cardboard that’s cut out in moon phases and then hang it on some string! Note to self: Go get cardboard now.

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#5 Watermelon Seed Matching Game

I have been looking and looking for a neat way to work on math with my son and this seems like it’s perfect! For this, either you can cut out the cardboard or maybe let them try it. Then y’all can paint the watermelon halves together.

My kids love to paint and I try to let them be artistic, so this would be really fun for them. But, you can always create these ahead of time and let them play and match as you go.

Be advised, if you have kids that are fussy around sharing (yes, I know kids should learn to share) then you might want to make two sets.

#6 Kids Can Burn Off Steam with These YouTube Channels

There are tons of YouTube channels out there that are dedicated especially for kids. In this post, though it talks about different channels that are great for helping kids burn off steam. When you live in an RV, things like this are amazing.

Anything that can help the kids burn off steam and keep them active is a definite plus! RV activities for kids found on YouTube are some of my favorites. I get to either cuddle on the couch or watch them dance around like crazy people.

#7 DIY Dreamcatchers

I work with leather, feathers, and stones making leather medicine bags, so this makes me happy. I love getting to do crafts like this with the kids.

You don’t need to use leather or get super fancy with it. This post here shows how you can do it with yarn and other things you might have laying around the house.

Let the kids get creative. I like seeing what all they come up with. Their minds are so amazing when it comes to creating things. I wish I had half my kids imaginations sometimes.

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#8 Taco Bar Dramatic Play for Kids

Dramatic Play Taco Bar is a spin-off of Dragons Love Tacos. Only with this activity, you’re actually creating tacos for the dragon to eat.

I can’t wait to go to the store and get craft supplies for this little activity. I am creating an area under my daughter’s bed where I’m going to keep our craft supplies stashed so that we can pull them out as we need. Then we won’t be cluttering up the RV with all these supplies.

#9 Pom Pom Star Shooter

Once you create these you can have an all-out war in your home. Hide behind your makeshift barriers and play a game of who can hit who the most.

My husband loves this idea because we have some foam balls that would work great with this idea. He’s already made plans for this to be an outdoor activity too.

Don’t forget to pin this for later!

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Easy Cleanup Homeschool Preschool Activities

image of notebook paper

Have you ever sat staring at your homeschool preschool activity list and wondered why some had to be so messy? Can’t kids be messy enough on their own? Well, homeschool preschool activities don’t have to be messy, but they can definitely still be fun!

Easy Cleanup Homeschool Preschool Activities

I’ve been searching for non-messy activities for my kids because let’s be honest, kids aren’t exactly clean and adding more mess didn’t sound appealing. It actually made me want to hide my head in the sand like an ostrich until the danger was clear. But, I don’t have to do that now. I’ve found some activities that I know my kids will love that are (mostly) mess free.

I thought you’d enjoy them too, so I put them here in this post. I’m also going to be updating this post as time goes on until I get at least 30 mess-free activities. This will give me enough activities to rotate through during the month without them getting bored with something.

Easy Cleanup Homeschool Preschool Activities

Living in an RV we can clean up relatively quick, but that doesn’t mean we want to deal with messy activities. Pinterest is a wonderful place to look for ideas too. Sometimes though you have to get creative with the things you have on hand.

So without further ado, here are the top mess-free homeschool preschool activities I’ve found and loved. Some of them are from other wonderful bloggers, and some we’ve tried ourselves. They’re kid approved in this household so give them a test and see how they work in your household :).

1 Ice Cream Math

This was the cutest little math setup I’ve seen in a while. The gist is letting them count the colored balls out and put them over the “ice cream cones” to create their ice cream! Cute, right?

And, if you want to make it better, you can have ice cream after and use it as a treat for doing well. Maybe you could find a small scoop and have them help you count their scoops too!

2 Goldfish Counting Station

Who doesn’t love Goldfish? (don’t answer that if you don’t love them and let’s pretend you do ;).)

Using Goldfish as a way of counting is two-fold… you count them first and eat them later! You can break this up into many different counting stations or keep it all one and have them count as high as they’re able.

My son enjoyed this one because he realized just how high he could count without help. It seemed to encourage him in the math department, so that’s a win-win for me. And, then we laughed over Goldfish snacks.

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3 Musical Pots Kitchen

Now, this might sound extremely horrible, but if you get into it with them it can be a lot of fun. Playing musical kitchen is definitely not a preschool activity that you’d leave for “quiet time”, or for a time you’re needing a break. You’ll need to be expecting loud noises, calm, cool and collected.

Little ones can get a little spastic and really into banging those pots. But, it’s fun and they’ll have a blast making music. To make it even more fun you could put some music on the radio and tell them to play along. They’ll slowly start picking up beats and tunes and before you know it they’ll be tapping right along with the songs.

4 Identification Notebook

Image of little girl doing school work

An identification notebook can be used for so many things. Nature walks, having them draw things they’re seeing, you drawing things and having them tell you what it is. The sky is the limit, and only your limitations can limit of this wonderful tool.

We have a nature study notebook, we have one where I’ll draw things and my son will either trace it or tell me what they are, and soon we’ll have a notebook where he’ll identify sentences. I’m so excited to see his progress and I’m hoping you’ll enjoy this one too.

5 Velcro ABC’s

For your smaller tykes, you can use velcro letters to help them start learning their ABC’s and the sounds.

What we did for our daughter was cut a board 3 foot by 2 foot and put velcro strips across in lines (separated about 2-4 inches apart). Then, above the lines, we wrote the letters of the alphabet. For the velcro letter part, we just printed the letters, cut them out and then laminated them. The lamination helps keep the letters from tearing or just plain getting messed up.

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6 Moon Sand or Cloud Dough

With only 4 cups of cornstarch and 1 cup of coconut oil, you can create the softest and fluffiest sand ever. Not to mention, it cleans up like a breeze. Mommypotamus has a post right here about how she created it and why she uses these ingredients.

Want to make it really fun? Add some food coloring to it for a pop of color (like the photo above)!

You can either play with this at the kitchen table, on the floor or even outside. Just put it in a plastic bin and you can put a lid on it and save it for later.

7 DIY “I SPY” Bottles

For this one, you can take mason jars (pint or smaller work well) and you can fill them with your toys and then fill the rest (or about 3/4 full) with rice. Maybe a little more or less depending on how many items you’re going to put in the jar or how big they are.

We did a “Color I Spy” and just put different legos in the jars. We’d let my daughter shake them up and tell us what colors she saw.

Another fun thing you can do is find nature objects to put in the jars and have them spy them.

8 Puzzles

Puzzles are probably the easiest, mess-free activities for kids. You can find some that are super simple for the littlest ones, and some that can get pretty complex. We’re not at the complex age yet, thankfully.

Melissa & Doug have some of the cutest little puzzles you can find on Amazon. Check them out and see if you can find some that your kids might enjoy.

Puzzles are great for rainy days or times when you need a little bit of quiet while you clean or cook. It can keep your kids busy and entertained!

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9 Building Blocks

We love building blocks. They’re so fun and you can get pretty creative (unless your son wants to Hulk smash your creations). Thankfully, my kid will sit for a couple hours and play with these blocks and their legos.

Blocks and legos are great for imagination and sensory play. I’ve heard them playing so many different things and it’s quite amusing to listen from the peanut gallery. Cowboys and cowgirls, Hulk and Captain America, Moana and Maui… the list could go on.

Set out some blocks or legos and see what your kids come up with. We’ve also used them for counting and color identification too.

10 Popsicle Stick Exploration

You can pick a big pack of popsicle sticks at WalMart, Dollar General or order them from Amazon. They can provide non-stop imaginative play for your kids. We like building houses or making a farm fence. These popsicle sticks are great for building things like houses or fences without using glue.

The sky is the limit here really. Especially if you are letting them glue the sticks together. They can build whatever they see in their minds and feel really proud of their creations. We try to stay hands off to see what they want to create, but from time to time we do help out because my daughter is young and still learning how to do things.

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Easy Cleanup Homeschool Preschool Activities

Do you have any preschool activities that your kids love that are mess free? Share them below in the comments!

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Fun Earth Day Activities For Kids

Image of pudding in a cup with crushed oreos and sour worms on top

I’ve never really considered doing any Earth Day activities for our kids and I can’t tell you why. But, as my kids grow and are learning what’s ok and not ok we’re going to be teaching lessons this Earth Day and likely throughout the week. Littering has been something that has come up repeatedly as we’re driving or if a piece of garbage flies out of the truck or whatever.

It’s a great teaching point, so we’re going to take advantage of this wonderful day and teach them about the Earth and why we should protect it.

image of a little girl raking leaves

Fun Earth Day Activities For Toddlers

This is where you get to leave the serious face at home and act like kids again with your own kids. Don’t let them do this alone. Get down and dirty with them as you explore what Earth Day really means to you and your family. Strike up the discussion and see where it leads.

Most of all…

Have fun!

image of a man laughing holding a painted paper plate

1 Earth Day Paper Plate + Craft Paper

For this activity, we’re going to take out green and blue craft paper for her to cut out little pieces. Once she has a good amount of each cut up into tiny pieces we’re going to glue them onto the plate. It’s a great way to teach about the earth and differences between land and water. It also opens the doors to talk about littering and caring for the earth.

Don’t be overly critical (actually… not at all) about how they’re cutting out the pieces of craft paper. Let it be a fun adventure. Also, let them glue on the pieces how they want. As they get older, you can expand on where the continents are and how they were formed.

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2 Earth Day Scavenger Hunt + Printable List

We love this activity. It’s a fun way to explore the surrounding areas around where you live. Help your kid(s) gather the items on the list or look for them in the area. Be mindful of what’s around so they’re not picking up something that could hurt them.

I’ve created a little printable that you can print out and bring along with you on your scavenger hunt.

You can download the printable list here

3 Earth Day Dirt Cups

Be prepared to get a little dirty! These cups are so fun to create with kids.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 1 box of pudding
  • package of Oreos
  • gummy worms

Mix up the pudding and crush up the Oreos. Then put the pudding in the bottom of the cups and then sprinkle the top with crushed up Oreos and stick the gummy worms on top.

Earth Day Discovery Bottles

Like little sensory bottles crafted specifically for Earth Day. You can take any bottle that’s clear and has a wide enough mouth and fill it with things like rocks, sticks, or even seashells. Put some glitter or food coloring in the bottles and let your littles shake and watch the magic happen.

These are so fun and can be a bit mesmerizing… even for adults.

Earth Day Sensory Box

You can do this with dirt, rice or other things you have around the house. The post linked in the title shows how to dye rice, use leftover plastic Easter eggs and some marbles to create a fun environment.

You don’t even need a bucket really. You can do this super cheap by going outside and finding some dirt, rocks and using leftover Easter eggs to play with. Let your kid(s) get creative and have fun.

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Fun Earth Day Activities For Kindergarten

1 Lessons on Littering

Here’s a little poem from anitapoems.com that is pretty cute. It’s a great way to open the conversation about littering and how it affects the Earth.

An activity that you can do along with this is maybe going around your neighborhood with a pair of trash grabbers and a trash bag. It will allow them to get a sense of how much people litter and they can feel a sense of accomplishment with helping to clean up their neighborhood a little.

(click the image to download)

2 Learn About Recycle, Reduce, & Reuse

image of a recycling bin

This can tie into the lesson above. If you’re doing an expedition of picking up litter you can try to find a recycling place in your area to teach about the three R’s.

I can remember when I was younger my grandfather and I would collect soda cans and beer cans and we’d take them to the garage and smash them. He had this PVC pipe crushing system he built and we’d stay out there crushing cans for hours. Once we had a good bit built up we’d take them to a metal collection place to turn them in and get our little money.

It’s a great way to teach kids about recycling and can be done with plastic, paper or cans.

3 Earth Day Picture & Word Tracing

image of a drawing with a tree and kids around it

Here’s a great site that has a free download for tracing the Earth and some sentences. Viviana has tons of handouts on her site, but the link above is specifically for Earth Day activities for kids.

Check it out and have fun with these little activities.

4 Earth Day Painted Paper Plates

image of two kids painting paper plates

Let them have fun and be creative with this one! It’s always interesting to see what kids come up with when they’re left to their own imaginations. Sit back and enjoy.

One of my kids painted the “Hulk’s planet” and one painted a pink planet. They were both equally proud of their planets.

Image of a little girl holding a painted paper plate

5 Nature Walk

I love a good walk in nature. Thankfully, we live in an area that’s surrounded by wildlife and we can talk about many things. The animals, how litter affects the critters, how litter can harm them and so much more. If you want to expand your scavenger hunt you can see what all can be spotted and make notes on the back of your paper.

My kids love exploring and finding bugs and insects so it’s fun to see just what all you can find. This is one of my favorite Earth Day activities for kids because you get to see them light up with excitement when they find something.

For Even More Activites

Check out Ludavia’s post over on The Mama Workshop. She has over 50 Earth Day activites listed for you to try!

image of a little boy using a garden hoe


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19 Homeschool Activities You Should Try This Year

Image of little girl doing school work

19 Homeschool Activities You Should Try This Year

Homeschool activities should be fun and easy, not stressful.

Which is why I’ve been scouring Pinterest and the Internet for different activities. I wanted things that would be fun and also educational for our children. On top of

On top of that, I was trying to find activities that both my son and daughter could participate in together (so I wasn’t leaving one or the other out) and found a few that I really liked.

Another great thing about these is that some you’ll likely be able to do with things around your house. Some will possibly require a purchase of some sort.

You could also use the images for inspiration and a jumping off point for creating your own homeschooling activities.

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19 Homeschool Activities You Should Try This Year

Activities have always been something I’ve shied away from doing with my kids. Mostly because of the mess that typically ensued in our house. We can’t go 5 minutes without spilling something. Literally.

My mother-in-law says that my husband was the same way, so I guess they both got that from him.

All I know is that I was hoping to either find activities that weren’t really messy or get over my aversion to them making a mess. I can’t say that I’m over that yet, but I’m trying.

We’ve been slowly exploring in kitchen activities and painting and I feel that it’s time to expand our handcrafts and activities to other things.

“Everything (mostly) can be cleaned.”

That’s what I’ve been telling myself lately at least.

The kids have to learn and they won’t learn how to be careful if the opportunity isn’t given to them. Life should be about learning experiences, right? So, this is a great opportunity for them.

Kid Life Hack Tip: Take them outside for activities if the weather permits. Makes for easier clean-up and less mess in your house.

One thing we are going to be starting is something called a “Nature Journal.” The kids and I are going to be going on daily nature walks where we’ll try to draw/paint/use color pencils to create what we see. This is something we’re going to adding to the science portion of our curriculum.

I figure that’s a great way to break myself into getting messy.

But, here are more homeschool activities that you can do with your kids that are both fun and educational.

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1 Fraction Flowers

Homeschool Activities Fraction Flowers

2 Coin Sorting for Sensory

Homeschool Activities Coin Sensory

3 Shadow Tracing

Homeschool Activities Shadow Tracing

4 How to Make Paper Mache Planets

Homeschool Activities Paper Earth

5 Learning About Plants

Homeschool Activities Learning About Plants

6 Where Do I Live Activity

Homeschool Activities Where Do I Live

7 Christmas Tree Lacing Cards

Homeschool Activities Christmas Tree Lacing

8 DIY Wall Hanging Wool Sheep

Homeschool Activities Wool Lambs

9 Human Body Printables

Homeschool Activities Human Body Printables

10 Sight Word Swat

Homeschool Activities Sight Word Swat

11 Cloth Dyeing – Pioneer History

Homeschool Activities Cloth Dyeing

12 Missing Number Clip Sticks

Homeschool Activities Missing Number Clip Sticks

13 Month Sequencing Sticks

Homeschooling Activities Months of the Year Sequencing Sticks

14 Spider Life Cycle

Homeschool Activities Spider Life Cycle

15 Make a Skeleton

Homeschool Activities Skeletal Activity

16 Cotton Swab Letter Painting

Homeschool Activities Cotton Swab Letter Painting

17 Word Building Travel Kit

Homeschool Activities Word Building Travel Kit

18 Nature Exploration

Homeschool Activities Nature Exploration

19 Kite Flying & Weather Lesson

Homeschool Activities Flying Kites

These are just a few homeschool activities I’ve found or were inspired by things I found.

I’ve found that it can be a little overwhelming while homeschooling to find activities that are both educational and fun. I’ve also come to realize that not everything has to be educational, but will still be teaching them something.

Some of these are more sensory and dexterity than anything, and I’m quite ok with that.

These are activities that can be done during free play or as just a handicraft for the day. Some can be integrated into your curriculum.

Check them out and let me know if you try any of these. 🙂

Homeschool Activities You Should Try This Year


Do you have any other homeschool activities that you love doing with your little ones? Share them in the comments below!

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13 Homeschooling Blogs You Need to Read For Inspiration

image of stacked books

Top 13 Homeschooling Blogs You Need to Read For Inspiration (1)

Ever felt like giving up on this whole homeschooling thing? I know I have a couple times, and the bad thing is I just started! I give all the women out there super props if they’ve homeschooled 1 or more kids. My increasing frustration is why I started looking for homeschooling blogs that would inspire me.

Not all homeschooling blogs are created equal.

Ok, so this is more a preference thing than anything else. And, it really depends on the type of homeschooling you’ve settled on.

Once you know the style of homeschooling that you think will benefit and be good for your child(ren) you can start searching for the blogs that are specific to that style that would inspire you the most.

It’s honestly that easy thankfully.

For us, we’ve settled on Charlotte Mason style method. So far it’s working for us, but we’re still trying to find a Math curriculum we like and enjoy. The one that has been suggested to us we’re just not really into all that much.

My son spends more time wondering where the math is in the curriculum than anything, so I’ve been doing my own sort of math with him.

What are we doing for math?

We’re using Sterilite Containers and some little white pebbles for counting and grouping. This has been working so far, but I feel like I want a little more. So, we’re looking at different things to see which one we feel might be best for us.

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13 Homeschooling Blogs You Need to Read For Inspiration

Once we knew that Charlotte Mason was the method we wanted to use for homeschooling I started there and began looking for blogs.

There are tons of homeschooling blogs out there that talk about using a Charlotte Mason “Inspired” curriculum. And, then there were some that talked about a “mix” of CM and other styles. I wasn’t really keen on the mixed curriculum blogs at the beginning because I felt we needed to stick with one method.

However, I found two Instagram profiles that I fell in love with (The Farmhouse Schoolhouse & Jodi Mockabee) that weren’t solely CM style and slowly opened to incorporating other methods.

Some of the blogs on my search lead me to others, and some I found purely through stalking Pinterest looking for homeschooling blogs to follow. I started with the intention of finding a curriculum that my son could follow (and that I thought was good) and came across several that I liked.

If you’re feeling down or a little nervous about starting to homeschool your child(ren) then I really suggest finding like-minded blogs you can follow. Some of these women made me go, “Phew. I really can do this.”

And, sometimes a little inspiration can go a long way to helping you move forward. Don’t you think?

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Below Are Some Inspiring Homeschooling Blogs

I hope these blogs inspire you like they have inspired me. All of these women are amazing and provide valuable information on curriculum, activities, and ways to help when things get rough.

1 A Humble Place

2 The Minimalist Homeschool

3 The Charlotte Mason Way

4 A Gentle Feast

5 The Homegrown Preschooler

6 Sicily’s Heart & Home

7 Salty Tribe Co.

8 Jodi Mockabee

9 Farmhouse Schoolhouse

10 Hip Homeschooling

11 This Whole Home

12 Wee Folk Art

13 Mama’s Happy Hive

Ok.. One more

14 Simple Living Mama

There you have it! I had to add Simple Living Mama in there at the end. All of these blogs are truly inspiring to me and I turn to them when I need a little extra pep in my homeschooling step.

I’ll also be doing a round-up post of blogs and sites that have my favorite curriculum layouts on them. There are amazing and great curriculum layouts that these women have that make homeschooling that much easier. So, be sure to be on the look out for that in the next coming weeks!

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13 Homeschooling Blogs You to Read For Inspiration

Are there any homeschooling blogs you find inspirational? Share them in the comments below!

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What To Do When You’re Homeschooling On A Budget

image of colorful jinga blocks

What To Do When You're Homeschooling On A Budget

My first idea of homeschooling was that it would be fun. I’d still get to learn new things, and I would be homeschooling on a budget. Oh, and not to mention I thought that it would totally not be expensive (at least too terribly expensive).

Uh, let me just say… That last one? Yeah, I was completely wrong.

Or was I?

See, I was looking at ALLLLLL of these different types of curriculum. The ones that had “all the things” and it was overwhelming.

How could I afford to homeschool my son and my daughter?

Some curriculum were $800 to $1200 a piece! That would mean I’d have to multiply that by two because they’re not twins so it would be two different grade levels.

And, while I could save up for that each year, it still made me question my decision. Public schools weren’t that bad. Public schools would socialize them, right? They need public schools, right?

No. No, they don’t. And, every time I thought about sending them to a public school I physically cringed (inside and out).

So, I set out to find a way to start homeschooling on a budget. Which meant way less than the $400-$800++ I had seen on sites. Thankfully though, you can even homeschool for free (which I’ll go over below)! If you had to that is.

Below I’ll be going over the different ways you can successfully homeschool even on a super tight budget. You don’t need everything out there and you can definitely make up your own curriculum as you go along.

Don’t let all those numbers get to you, and don’t let the vast curriculum choices scare you!

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What To Do When You’re Homeschooling On A Budget

Homeschooling doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. You can find many women on Pinterest that post many activities that are budget friendly and also talk about doing most of their curriculum shopping at the Dollar Tree!

It is possible to homeschool and you don’t have to break the bank to make it happen. Or ditch your favorite ice cream or latte. None of that mess.

Here are a few options when homeschooling on a budget:

1 Go the Free Route

You don’t really have to pay anything to homeschool your children. This makes homeschooling on a budget super simple. But, it’s easy to get lost in the sea of “but, other moms are using this and it looks amazing.”

Believe me… don’t go there.

You can read books to them that you pick up at the library. You can create science experiments in your kitchen and use YouTube videos for information. Math can be done through cooking, counting objects, playing with rocks or even toothpicks… really it can be anything you want. History can be read from online to your children and you can make field trips to historical places.

Here Are Some Free Resources for Your Budget Friendly Homeschooling Needs

All-in-One Curriculum

The Minimalist Homeschool

AmblesideOnline.org for Charlotte Mason Method homeschooling

Reading & Learning to Read

Teach Your Monster to Read


Khan Academy

Mathematics Enhancement Programme – This is something that is suggested in the Charlotte Mason Method circles, but I’m not finding it very…. easy to teach with. It is free though and goes all the way up to Year 6, so that’s helpful. Right now, we’re using it as a guideline, but also interjecting our own flare.

Science & History

Books, YouTube, History Channel, Nature Walks, Plant/Animal/Insect Identification and plenty of field trips.

You can grow a little garden to teach the life cycle of a plant, and teach your children about herbs using this introduction from Herbal Academy.


Have fun with teaching your kids new and useful skills that will last them a lifetime. If you need some ideas try these: crocheting, knitting, whittling, carving, survival skills, baking, carpentry, or anything else.

Here’s something else you can introduce them too: Pluralsight for kids is where they can learn coding, design, or photography for free. They’re intro courses that will give them a chance to see if it would be something they’d like to pursue.

2 Find Budget Friendly Curriculums

All-in-One Curriculums

I’ve already mentioned that I love the curriculum by A Humble Place. We’re currently working through this with some minor adaptations.

The Peaceful Preschool & The Playful Pioneers are really amazing too! We bought The Peaceful Preschool as well because I just loved it so much and will be intertwining it through our studies too.


Jenny Phillips has some literature curriculum that is very budget friendly and downloadable too.


Shiller Math has a great Math kit that we’ve been eye balling for a couple weeks now and might invest in, but it’s kind of pricey. But, it’s pricey in a good way actually. It’s a 5-year program and that makes the price very worth while.

Math Lessons for Living Education is relatively inexpensive and supposed to be pretty awesome. It’s on our list if we don’t get the Shiller math.

Bible Time

Find a really good children’s bible to read with them daily. We read from our children’s bible and then I read a few verses from my bible that correspond with their daily reading.

Science & History

We’re going to be using Handbook of Nature Study and Nature Anatomy: The Curious Parts and Pieces of the Natural World (Julia Rothman). I’m also considering getting Exploring Nature With Children by Raising Little Shoots.

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3 Amazon Prime and Kindle Are Your Friends

If you already have Amazon Prime then you’re already way ahead of others. Prime will allow you free shipping on so many of your orders. If you don’t have it then I would suggest going to Amazon Prime and checking out the cost and weighing the options. It has saved us way more than what it costs us so that helps our decision.

Right now you can get Amazon Prime Free for 30-days!

In regards to Kindle, we LOVE the fact that there are so many titles that you can get for FREEEEEE on Amazon Kindle. Get your first month free now!

With Amazon Kindle, you can get Kindle Unlimited, which in itself is amazing! There are many more books here that you can read for free without having to purchase! If you don’t have Unlimited you’ll have to pay for the ones you’d be able to read for free with Unlimited. Get your first month free now!

4 Free Sites & Thrift Sites

Gutenberg.org is a great place to find classic texts and sometimes things you can easily read to your children. It’s also a great place to find books for older kids as well.

Another great site is ThriftBooks. This site my mother-in-law actually found while we were trying to flesh out my sons Year 0.5 with the Charlotte Mason method.

5 Check Facebook Groups For Book Purchases

I scored a great selection of books for my son by visiting this Facebook group. I’m talking 40 books for under $100!

Ok, that might seem like a huge cost upfront (and I almost didn’t do it), but these aren’t books my son will out grow this year! He might not even out grow them next year… or the next if I play my cards right.

We’re homeschooling on a budget, and are making sure we can get a lot of bang for our buck. Granted, I have purchased some things new and am glad for that.

You can score some great finds on Facebook book swaps for homeschoolers! Go on and see if you can find a few to join and start looking at the books. Once you have your curriculum laid out on paper you can start finding the books you’re wanting to incorporate.

I also found this one here and will be poking my nose around there soon.

What To Do When You're Homeschooling On A Budget This Year

Are you homeschooling on a budget and have found some cheap resources not mentioned here? Leave them in the comments below so we can share with others!

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