The Best Keto Snacks To Have On Hand


When you’re just starting a new diet/lifestyle change it’s always a good thing to have the right snacks on hand. I’ve been looking for snacks that I know both my husband and I would enjoy. It’s all well and good to see tons of recipes, but until you try things you just don’t know. So, I went for the best keto snacks to have on hand that don’t really require cooking (at least too much of it).

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It might not be an exhaustive list, but it will get you started in the right direction if you’re just starting out like we are. And, I’ll update this list as I find new goodies that can be made rather quickly and that you can grab and go.

I hope you find this list helpful in beating the first few weeks of going keto!

The Best Keto Snacks To Have On Hand

#1 Boiled Eggs

These are so easy to prep and they keep pretty well in the fridge. I’m going to probably get two cartons of 18 count eggs from Sam’s when we go shopping. One carton I’ll boil for hard-boiled eggs and the other will be used for various recipes throughout the week. Like using them in this amazing Low Carb Pho.

#2 Chicken Salad

My husband isn’t a huge fan of chicken salad, but I’m going to try and find a recipe that he likes so we can make big batches each week. That way he can take some to work and I’ll have some on hand too. You can pop some in a leaf of lettuce and call it a chicken salad boat!

Here’s a great recipe: Loaded Chicken Salad by The Pinning Mama

Image Courtesy of The Pinning Mama

#3 Pork Rinds

Either pick up a huge container from Sam’s or Costco or grab multiple bags from your favorite grocery store. These little things help curb your crunch need and give you a great snack for times you’re a bit hungry but don’t have food made yet.

Just be careful when trying different flavor profiles. Some might have added carbs from the seasonings. I would hate for you to go buy a ton of pork rinds and later find out they’re filled with carbs.

#4 Cheese sticks

Because cheese sticks are super easy to toss in your purse or in a bag to take on your way where ever. Don’t get caught hungry again! I keep cheese sticks and cubes on hand in our fridge because my kids love cheese and… well, let me just say we all love cheese.

So keeping cheese on hand is easy and helps when there are cries for cheese and crackers (which I’ll be testing some Keto Cracker recipes here soon!).

#5 Fat Bombs

There are 1,000’s of recipes out there for Fat Bombs right now. Sometimes it’s really easy to get overwhelmed with the number of recipes. I want to keep it simple though. I love peanut butter, so I make peanut butter fat bombs. But, my husband doesn’t so I’m trying to find a fat bomb that he’ll enjoy. I’m pretty sure it will involve chocolate.

I need to explore some ideas though and test making a few different batches.

If you’re looking for different fat bombs to try, then check out this post here with 21 different kinds.

image of fat bombs

#6 Keto Cookies

I haven’t found a recipe that I personally like yet, but my husband’s co-work brought some peanut butter keto cookies to work with him and I was able to try them. They weren’t bad. Just a little tweaking and I think they’d be great!

But, I also have plans to make a chocolate chip cookie, chocolate cookie, a walnut or pecan style cookie, and a shredded coconut cookie. Stay tuned for those experiments!

In the meantime check out this recipe here: Mint Cream Keto Oreos

#7 Keto Friendly Nuts & Seeds

You want to go for nuts and seeds that have the most fat per gram so it’s like the biggest bang for your buck. This will help stop your cravings when you get them.

The ones we plan to have on hand are these:

  • Almonds
  • Pecans
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Chia seeds
  • Hemp seeds
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • and Peanuts

These are the nuts and seeds we personally enjoy eating. But, feel free to look up the best nuts and seeds for the keto diet and find your favs on the list.

image of nuts and seeds in a bowl

#8 Parmesan or Cheese Crisps

You can either buy these from Amazon or make your own. It’s simple to make your own, but depending on how big your oven is it might be time-consuming. For instance, I live in an RV and have a tiny RV oven. So, it takes me a good while to make enough for the week.

I’m working on ideas though. Also, I’ll post my recipe here very soon. I’m still testing some ideas.

In the meantime, here’s a delicious cheese crisp from Amazon that I’ve tried: Whisps Cheddar Cheese Crisps

If you’re a parmesan fan, then here’s a crisp that we like for that: Member’s Mark Oven Baked Parmesan Crisps

#9 Olives

Olives are a great snack when you’re on the go. For some extra fat, you can drizzle some olive oil over the top of them and sprinkle in some herbs for flavoring. I love to eat olives with some feta. You can get a pretty big container of them at Sam’s. I highly recommend you look at grabbing one of those every two weeks. That’s likely what I’ll do. If it lasts that long.

My husband can’t stand the texture of olives. So, at least I won’t have to fight him for that snack!

image of kalamata olives

#10 Beef Jerky

Depending on the jerky itself you can get a good amount of fat from this snack. But, mostly it’s the protein that is what counts here. Protein helps to fill us up and helps to keep from wanting to cave to cravings. Find your favorite brand/flavor of beef jerky and load up.

BUT BE CAREFUL! Not all jerky is made equal. 

Just this past weekend I went to grab what looked like it would be a delicious bag of jerky. Thankfully, I checked the carb content though. It had 20g of carbs per serving. That’s crazy pants! But, it was due to the flavor of the jerky and how it was made.

So, just be careful and always check the nutrition label.

Related Post: What To Do When Starting Keto While In An RV

#11 Zucchini Chips

These little things are pretty tasty. If you’re craving chips then give these a try. There are other kinds of chips you can make too. Kale chips are really great. You can coat them in olive oil and dehydrate them in the oven for some delicious and fatty chips.

Check out this amazing little Zucchini Chip recipe here: Oven Baked Zucchini Chips

image of zucchini chips
Image Courtesy of The Fit Housewife

#12 Egg Muffins

One thing I don’t have in my kitchen right now is a muffin tin, but we’re going to be getting this one with our next order from Amazon.

Now, I just need to find an egg muffin recipe that I’ll enjoy. When I find one, y’all will be the first to know!

It probably will also depend on if I’m feeling eggy that day or not honestly. Sometimes I’ll crave eggs and then other times I can’t stand the taste of them. Is that weird?

I’m thinking like a jalapeno cheddar recipe needs to be in the works though. 

#13 Peanut Butter

*drools* Peanut butter is amazing. Are you a peanut butter fan?

If you’re a fan like me, try mixing coconut oil, melted butter and some peanut butter in a bowl. Scrap it into a Ziploc baggie and then snip off a corner. Line a baking sheet with wax paper and squeeze the mixture on to the pan. Once you’re finished stick it in the fridge and let it set.

It.Is.Delicious! You’ll thank me later. Also, that’s like my first ever version of a fat bomb.

BONUS KETO SNACK IDEA (because I plum forgot this scrumptious and amazing food!)


How in the world could I forget avocados! *smacks forehead*

These babies are chock full of delicious fat! Someone might freak out though if they look at the carb content. An avocado has about 12g per half an avocado, BUT they have 8.5g of fiber in them too. That means they only end up having about 3.5g of carbs per half. Or, 7g of carbs per the WHOLE avocado! With 15g of fat per half, that’s 30g for the whole thing. That’s an amazing way to get in your fat.

So, load your shopping cart with some of these bad boys for quick and easy snacks to go!

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What To Do When Starting Keto While In An RV

image of a cast iron skillet

This isn’t my first keto rodeo. I’ve just fallen off the bandwagon and am trying to get back on. What’s really great is I finally got my husband to agree to try keto with me! He says that he’s agreed multiple times, but it’s not true. Because every time he’s said that he then proceeds to make a carb-heavy supper. Yeah, way to want to try it, babe! In any case, we’re starting keto while in an RV and I’m pretty excited to document our journey.

My husband agreed to try it for a week, but then I bumped it up to two weeks. I’m hoping that I can extend it to 30 days just so he can see how his body reacts to being on keto. With that being said, we’re following The Keto Diet by Leanne Vogel. I have a hormone imbalance and adrenal issues and by her thoughts carbing up at night is a necessary thing for women. So, I’m going to follow her Daily Fat Burner profile.

What to Do When Starting Keto While in an RV

Basically, the Daily Fat Burner profile means you eat a certain amount of carbs every night. This also means that the number of carbs you have during the day for Breakfast and Lunch need to remain minimal. My biggest issue right now is finding things my husband will eat for breakfast.

So far I have egg muffins and eggs and bacon as ideas. He wants “quick and fast” breakfast ideas that are similar to instant oatmeal. -_- If you have ideas I’m all ears. I have a few other ideas, but I have to see if he will even like them first. Muffins are one. But, I also have to make sure it’s low enough carbs to get through the day since we’re both doing the Daily Fat Burner profile. He knows he can have about 40g of carbs with supper and that’s what he’s most concerned with.

Tips For Starting Out With Keto

After doing lots of research, asking other people questions, reading books and so on these are the tips I’ve compiled for starting out with keto.

#1 Ditch all forms of sugar in the beginning

Our body is trying to switch from glucose as a fuel source to fat as a fuel source. If you give your body anything that resembles or tastes like sugar I’ve heard that it can bring on cravings for certain foods. Personally, I don’t want to get cravings.

It’s hard enough that I know I’m going to crave crunchy things. I’m mentally prepping and prepping with food items too. Parm Crisps are one food I know that will help me a lot in the crunch department. Pork rinds would, but I tried them the other day and they ended up coming back to bite me. I’m not sure if it was the brand or not.

I have some Lakanto Golden Monkfruit sweetener, but I won’t use that for probably a week. The first time I went keto my cravings sort of decreased after the first week so I started adding Monkfruit sweetener to my buttery coffee.

#2 Either slowly decrease carbs or go cold turkey

The first time I went keto I decreased my carbs over a week. Ironically enough, I don’t eat a lot of carbs anyway and usually, the most carb heavy meal was dinner. So, this Daily Fat Burner profile that Leanne Vogel talks about will be fairly simple to master I think.

This time I’m going to go cold turkey. I already know what to expect symptom wise (cont. read below) and I’m pre-planning. With my husband on board, I don’t think I’ll be tempted to gorge on skillet fried potatoes & onions like before. My husband makes some damn good fried potatoes & onions (insert drool face).

But, I digress. Figure out which way is right for you. If you slowly decrease your carbs then you will likely not get the keto flu. So, just a word of advice, if you think you’ll be a pain in the ass with the keto flu then slowly decrease your carbs until you hit your carb goal for each day. The keto flu can make folks kind of monster-y. I was grouchy a little, but if you feed yourself lots of fat it should help.

#3 Drink water constantly

When you quit eating carbs as a fuel source for your body it starts to no longer retain water. With your body releasing all the water it once held and no longer storing water you need to keep constantly filling yourself up with water. If you don’t, you’ll get dehydrated and your keto flu will suck.

What I did last time was fill a huge water jug/container with water and added a pinch of Himalayan Sea salt to the water. The salt doesn’t necessarily alter the flavor of the water… unless you add too much. But, it will help replenish the salt you lose from releasing the water from your body. You need salt. Salt is your friend here.

I went out and bought a 64-ounce stainless steel jug to keep water in. I drink a lot of water usually, but this helps me keep track of just how much I drink. Unless my husband decides to chug my water, then I get pretty upset until he refills it. 🙂

#4 Add salt to everything

This kind of ties into the whole “add salt to your water” part from above. Since our bodies aren’t retaining water, they’re also flushing out a lot of salt from our system. The salt is a great electrolyte that our body needs. We don’t use much salt as it is, so we’ll be adding a little extra here and there to our diet.

This might get me weird looks, but adding a pinch of salt to your coffee is pretty tasty too. Now, let me preface by saying that my pinches are pretty small. So, be careful. Start with a few granules in your coffee and move up slowly from there. You don’t want a really salty coffee. That would be kind of weird.

When it comes to food though… just a light sprinkle over broccoli, your salad, or any meat you’re cooking will suffice as enough. You just want to make sure you’re getting it in your system.

#5 When in doubt add more fat

If you’re getting hungry throughout your time going keto then it’s likely because you’re not eating enough fat. I’ve read conflicting things on using fat bombs, especially if you’re wanting to lose weight. But, in the beginning, I would say a little extra fat is ok while you’re adapting to a new way of eating.

If the idea of eating fat bombs isn’t appealing then just drizzle a little extra olive oil or butter over your meals to get in extra fat. This will help keep you fuller longer and will quench any cravings you might have.

Also, if you’re craving something that’s not keto then head for a fat source first. Try to mitigate any temptations that might make you break down.

#6 Have crunchy keto snacks on hand

Parm crisps, pork rinds, cucumbers, pickles… things like this are great to have on hand when you get a crunch craving. Starting keto is hard, but when you prepare for things you know you’ll crave it will be easier. And, if you know you’re going to crave bread there are plenty of recipes out there for keto bread.

One thing I can’t wait to make is some keto bagels! I love a good bagel so I’m curious to see how this “fat head dough” turns out. Here’s a recipe you might want to check out for bagels with fat head dough… it’s the one I am going to try.

#7 Meal plan and make a shopping list

I know I’ve mentioned this before on my blog, but I really hate meal planning. I am hoping that by going keto and my husband being on board that the leftovers will remain left over so that he has lunch for the next day.

In theory, I could plan to make 21 different meals per week, but that’s really tedious. And, even if I made the same breakfast every day or two different breakfast types it would still be tedious. Having lunch already done a few days a week would be nice so I didn’t have to think about it.

Which brings me to another point, if you can prep ahead of time it makes things soooo much easier. I try to gather ingredients for certain meals and keep them together. Or, you can pre-chop veggies for cooking. That cuts down drastically if you can pre-chop all the veggies for the week.

Always make a shopping list and always bring it with you! If thy shop without a list; thy will fail!

#8 Fatty Coffee for the win


It’s the perfect way to get in a lot of fat. There are tons of recipes out there for fatty coffees that are good. Or experiment on your own.

Currently, I make mine with 2tsp of coconut oil, 1tsp colostrum, 1tsp Lakanto sugar (I’ll be ditching this when we start our two weeks) and then coffee and I blend it with my immersion blender. Boom. Easy peasy.

Leanne Vogel created what she calls a Rocket Fuel Latte. It’s essentially a fatty coffee, but in this post on caffeine-free versions, you can see how she makes hers. If you don’t want to go caffeine-free then sub coffee for the other options ;).

#9 Limit going out to eat for a while

With temptations likely to be something you’d cave in the beginning it would be a good idea to limit going out to eat. Unless you have a super strong will, you might cave for some french fries instead of getting broccoli with a side of melted butter. Or you might cave and ask for sweet potato rather than getting a salad with dressing on the side.

Limit yourself. It will help you in the long run.

Once your cravings go away it’s ok to go out and have a meal on the town. You’re less likely to falter off your path.

#10 Don’t be hard on yourself

If you do end up eating something that aren’t quite keto in the beginning don’t be hard on yourself. It’s not the end of the world, and it’s not as strict as the Whole30 rules. If you fall off track just pick yourself back up and keep going forward. Make better choices and limit whatever caused you to falter.

Be kind to yourself or you won’t adhere to the changes you’re making. Also. go watch The Magic Pill on Netflix. You’ll be more fired up than ever.

Do You Have Keto Flu Symptoms?

  1. Fatigue
  2. Sugar cravings
  3. Headaches
  4. Irritability
  5. Dizziness
  6. Other symptoms you didn’t have before going keto

All of these things and more are caused by taking carbs out of your diet and replacing them with fats. Don’t be alarmed though. It’s short-lived and usually clears in a few days.

Here are a few ways to combat Keto Flu:

  1. Eat More Fat
  2. Exercise
  3. Eat More Greens
  4. Eat More Food in General
  5. Add More Salt
  6. Drink TONS of water

You’ll quickly see a turn around once you start doing these things. After a few days, you’ll feel a million times better and you’ll start seeing some pretty awesome changes. I can’t wait to share what we see in ourselves this go around.

Stay tuned for our update!

two images of food

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