RV Summertime Activities for Kids

image of a little girl playing in the sand

School is out and the kids are home (if you traditional school). Now what? It’s time for some RV summertime activities! So, break out your notepad and get your list going. You don’t have to have a different activity for each day, but it will be nice to have a good many listed to choose from.

image of a little girl sitting in the road

If your kids are like mine, and most kids probably are, they get bored easily and have energy that seems to last for weeks on end. Am I right? We have no idea where the energy comes from or why it doesn’t leave them, but they have it! That’s why we need to find activities that will help either focus their mind or give them a way to burn off the energy.

RV Summertime Activities for Kids

We love to be outside and playing. Sometimes that’s not always possible though. So, here’s a mix of indoor and outdoor activities that your kids can do whether you live in an RV, tiny house or regular home. The activities aren’t specific to one style of living but are definitely ones we enjoy doing.

#1 Play Tag Outside

image of a father and son playing

Easy and free summertime activities are the best! This one gets them running and giggling. And, honestly, if you’re playing tag with them and you’re fairly agile you can avoid being tagged pretty easily.

My husband does this all the time. Our son will run all over the place chasing him and my husband will hop out of the way as he made his way to the base. It’s quite comical really to watch it all unfold.

Beware: if your child is a poor sport this might not be fun for them.

I know this first hand because my son can be somewhat of a poor sport and fall to the ground if he doesn’t tag my husband. So, we use this as a way to teach him sportsmanship too.

#2 Setup a Mini-Obstacle Course

This is kind of the same thing as the whole tag aspect. You’re getting them running and burning off their energy. But, not only that, you’re helping them develop their agility by setting up little things they have to do.

You can use sticks, logs, firewood, tables, ropes or anything really that you have lying around. It doesn’t have to be complicated or over the top. Just give them a little something to do and you can even time them to make it even more fun!

For other activities that kids can do while living in an RV check out this post.

#3 Nature Walk Outside

image of man walking in nature

Since we love nature and being outside so much it stands to reason we would love nature walks. You can do this in a neighborhood, park, backyard, or wherever you live really.

The key is getting them outside, walking and trying to identify things they see. You can let them carry a basket or bag of some sort so they can carry their finds back home to examine. Just, watch out so they don’t pick up something like owl poop or some other sort of animal feces.

While it might have been cool to dissect it in school… we had gloves and not bare hands ;).

#4 Sprinkler Fun

Who doesn’t love running through a sprinkler on a hot summer day? If you said you, then I feel sad for you. 

This is a great one to get involved with your kids on. They’ll enjoy racing you and seeing who can get drenched the fastest. Or they’ll pick up the hose and just spray you down until you wrangle it from them. We love this sprinkler right here.

Definitely remind them to be careful when running near the sprinkler though. I can’t imagine falling on it would feel good. Thankfully, neither of my kids have tripped over the sprinkler yet. I imagine the time is coming.

We shall see! Either way, it’s good summertime fun.

#5 DIY Twister Sheet

image of diy twister mat and spinner
Image Courtesy of The Nest

Everyone loves a good game of Twister! But, what if you don’t have it? Or, what if you wanted to make your own? Well, you’re in luck! Over at The Nest, there’s this lovely little article that teaches you how to make your very own. You don’t need to read it, but it’s super helpful and has lots of good images.

Check out this post right here to learn how to make your own DIY Twister sheet and spinner: DIY Your Own Summer Twister Board

#6 Sidewalk Chalk Hopscotch

Ahhh Doesn’t this bring you back to your childhood? I know it does for me!

Hopscotch is something kids of many different ages can enjoy. All it takes is a little chalk and a couple stones. Chalk is fairly cheap and you can get a big bucket of different colors too. Our kids love the colorful chalk and will sit for hours drawing on a campsite pad that’s unoccupied.

At first, we got a few pieces of chalk for the kids to use, but those didn’t last long. So, we got this set here and we’re letting them play with some and stashing the rest for later! Gotta think fast so they don’t break them all.

It’s easy to clean off so I don’t have to worry about us getting into any trouble.

Check out more activities you could do with your kids here!

#7 Chalk Tic Tac Toe

Just like hopscotch, you can sit down on a sidewalk or carport and play big tic tac toe with the kids. My son loves to play tic tac toe. My daughter not so much, but she’s still young.

Honestly, my son is pretty good at tic tac toe if he really thinks. He’s beat me a few times when I let my guard down. And, I’m not too proud to admit that I was beaten by a 5-year-old at tic tac toe haha.

#8 Cardboard Forts or Castles

Do you have a big cardboard box lying around the house? Or, maybe can you go grab a few from WalMart or something?

Letting the kids dress up a cardboard box and pretend it’s a castle, or a fort, or a spaceship. Basically, let them get creative and play make-believe. It helps to expand their imagination.

We have a cardboard box under our RV that the kids still play with. I think it needs to be replaced though. So, if I don’t get a big box in the mail I’ll be getting one for them. They play with it almost every time we go outside.

#9 Bunk Bed Forts

Even if you don’t have bunk beds you can still build a fort type thing for your kids. It takes a few blankets and something to build the fort over and that’s it.

What we do is drape a sheet from the top bunk down over the bottom bunk and the kids will hide in the bottom bunk with flashlights. It’s a great way to entertain them while I’m making lunch or supper.

They play in their room and I get a little me time while I’m cooking. It’s a win-win! Not to mention listening to them playing in their hideout is kind of hilarious.

#10 Scavenger Hunts (educational and not)

These are pretty fun for everyone. I’ll write down a short list of things I think we’d be able to find on a little walk and tell my kids what to look for. Since they can’t read for themselves yet I usually keep it to about 5 items. This allows them to remember them a little easier.

Either my husband or I will carry a Ziploc or something for them to put the things they find in. They get so excited when they find things on the list. My daughter loves finding bugs so we try to make at least one item a bug. Bleh. She didn’t get it from me.

Here are some more easy cleanup activities for your kids!

#11 DIY Playdough

I tried making playdoh before and failed. Then I found this pretty awesome post by Domestic Super Hero and was pretty excited. It was a great recipe that actually worked.

But, if you don’t want to make playdoh, we enjoy the regular ole playdoh you can get from the store. Or, you can order them here!

We will sit on the floor for a good while and play with playdoh. Just make sure your area is swept and clean before you start playing. No one likes dirty playdoh!

#12 Coloring Activities

image of a child coloring

We try to get non-ordinary coloring books for our kids. While it’s all well and fun for them to color Mickey Mouse or Jake and the Neverland Pirate coloring books I like things that also challenge them a little.

Don’t get me wrong, we have fun coloring books too, but we like to throw others in there too.

We love ones like the following:

I’m still looking for some a little bigger for my daughter since she’s only 3, but she has fun either way with coloring these.

Still looking for more activities?

Here’s a post by a lovely woman I know! Ludavia wrote a wonderful post with a roundup of lots of activities that kids can have fun with.

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How Do Kids Have Fun Living in an RV?

image of kids playing in a cooler as a pool

I’ve been scoffed at more than I would like to admit for us living in an RV with our kids. People have called us crazy, and some are even downright mean about it. But, our kids have fun living in an RV! They do. But, they have fun because we make it fun and it’s like one big campout, only a little on the semi-permanent side.

image of a little girl holding a water hose in a kid pool

Do we plan to live in an RV forever? No. But, right now we are because it saves money so that we can buy a home later. I started this site with the intention of being full-time homesteaders, but then we moved. I’m ok with that. We’ll have our homestead and I can still share those things too.

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How Do Kids Have Fun Living in an RV?

Let me preface this and say that we have a 31ft RV that has 2 slides. One slide is in the living room/dining area and the other slide is in our kid’s bunk area. I didn’t realize just how spacious it would feel in here, but it really does feel like we have a lot of space.

We didn’t live in a big house back home. We had about 1000-1200sq.ft. of living area. So, downsizing to this for a little while wasn’t hard at all.

And, our kids have loved it. They get to visit home often – my husband’s parents live on the same property so they visit their grandparents. They have 11 acres back home to run and play on. We take them home every chance we get. But, in the meantime, they love living here.

We have lots of fun!

What fun things do we do?

A couple of these might be considered “rainy day” activities. I’m going to do a post on just rainy day activities too. But, for now, I want to talk about all the different things we do on a day to day basis.

I think it’s good for people to get a real sense of what kids are able to do even when they live in a small house, tiny house, or even an RV or camper. They’re not limited by any means. The only limitation is on how many toys they can have.

And, believe me, these kids have a good bit of toys. We just store them fairly well. Not to mention, they like legos so that helps a ton!

#1 Roughhouse in the RV

This is probably my kid’s favorite thing to do. They will use my husband as a jungle gym until he can’t take it anymore.

I have to say, that this is probably my favorite thing to watch. They get so excited and squeal so much. Sometimes they get a little loud and I have to tone them down a bit. Can’t have kids screaming bloody murder because they’re being tickled after all.

Our place is always roughhouse central unless the kids are otherwise preoccupied.

#2 Nature Walks

We love spying little creatures, plants, and flowers. My husband is pretty knowledgeable about certain things that we pass and is always telling our kids about them.

Between squirrels, cardinals, red-headed woodpeckers, and all sorts of bugs they enjoy watching the wildlife.

Sometimes we’ll bring home a conglomerate of little trinkets that we find along the way. We’ve brought home worms, acorns, rocks, shells, leaves, butterflies, beetles and some other things I can’t remember.

I need to get a book or something to keep their things in or so they can draw in it. Charlotte Mason homeschool method does something like this called a Nature Journal. I’ve been meaning to let them do that.

Here are a few resources we love:

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#3 Fish at the lake

If it’s not storming or colder than crap my husband likes to take the kids fishing. There are bass, catfish, and brim in the lake here on post – though, you wouldn’t know because they rarely bite. People find it a huge challenge to come fish at the lake by the campground due to how hard it is to catch a fish.

Mostly, the kids go out there with a fishing net and try to catch minnows and small fish that are up near the docks. Too bad they are loud and splash all over the place haha.

My daughter loves the little fishing pole that we bought for her. You can look at the one we have here. She’ll be getting an upgrade soon.

#4 Play tag outside the RV (we have a good sized “yard”)

Ever seen kids that don’t run out of energy? Yeah, we have some of those too. These things can go from sun up to sun down. So, we have them run around outside and play tag.

My husband plays with my son a good bit of the time.  I’m not sure who wears who out though haha. My husband will sit down panting and my son will be beckoning him to play more.

#5 Canoe on the lake

We’re a family of water bugs. Thankfully, we can all fit in the canoe we have and the lake is pretty big. Exploring the lake is fun. We get to see turtles and geese.

We actually were able to see a pair of geese that had eggs go from eggs to hatchlings. The babies are a little over a month now. The kids love to check in on them to see how they’ve grown.

I’m hoping to get a kayak so I can kayak and the kids can be in the canoe. Even though we all fit now, we won’t all fit as they grow. I’ve been keeping my eye on this one right here. It’s bright orange and pretty decently priced.

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#6 Pick blackberries when they’re in season

Probably the best ever fun activity. Too bad blackberry season doesn’t last forever. We have tons of bushes around our campground. The kids and my husband picked enough that we were able to make a blackberry cobbler.

But, that was it sadly. The birds and other animals cleaned the blackberries out and we haven’t seen a blip since.

#7 Go to the Zoo

We’ve wanted to go to the Audobon Zoo and Aquarium down in New Orleans for a little while now. My husband recently checked out how much it would cost, and that sealed the deal. We didn’t go.

It would cost us $160 as a family to go to the Zoo and Aquarium in New Orleans. That is insane for 4 people. That doesn’t include gas to get down there, food while there or any souvenirs. Crazy.

We’re going to stick to the zoo here in town. It might be a little small, but it has a splash pad and some pretty cool animals.

My husband wants to plan and save to go to the New Orleans Zoo and Aquarium. So we’re going to do that. We can call it a mini-vacation. Maybe we can rent a place down in the French Quarter and ride on the riverboat too.

#8 Go to the beach

Summer is a great time to go to the beach. But, we could go to the beach here near year round. It’s typically not that cold on the gulf where we are. We’re hoping to make more beach trips though. They love finding little crabs and shells on the beach.

I get worried about them getting in the water. I have this fear that the undertow will take them away. Maybe I’m just being irrational -_-.

In any case, the beach, for us, is a great way for the kids to have fun. Don’t forget your umbrellas for shade when you go!

#9 Watch the C-17 land and take off

Since we live on a military post that has an airstrip we like to take the kids to the outside of the end of the runway. We stand outside the fence and watch as the C-17 comes in for a landing and then watch them take off too.

It’s kind of a cool feeling and really cool to experience.

I know that not everyone will have this luxury, but if you live near an airport that has military aircraft it might be a great family field trip you could plan.

#10 Play cardgames

Card games are something we use for education and fun. We try to work in a little math when we play games like Uno or just regular cards. My son does the math and my daughter is identifying numbers.

It’s a great way to have family fun and knock out some education at the same time.

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#11 Start a fire and roast marshmallows (or just the fire)

I love a good fire and so do my kids. I have to watch them though because they’re both little pyromaniacs. They love some fire. Unfortunately, they get it honest.

They will gather the sticks and my husband lights the fire. Then we’ll roast marshmallows if we have them. We try not to give the kids sweets too much though.

Thankfully, they’re not upset when we just have a fire. I think it’s partially because they love fire.

#12 Help water the container garden

We’re trying our hand at container gardening this year. Our kids helped us make potting soil, plant the little plants, and help us water them on a daily basis. Each day we check them for new flowers or ripe tomatoes.

I think we’re also going have peppers, cucumbers and some squash. The kids get excited when something new pops up. It’s so funny to see their reactions when they run over to tell us about it.

Even if you’re planting one or two plants it’s great to get them involved in the action.

#13 Play with their toys

This is kind of an obvious one. Kids can play with their toys in the RV without causing too much strain. Sure your RV might get a little dirty, but since it’s a small space it can be cleaned really quick.

Don’t get upset if the area gets dirty. Let their imagination run wild and have a little fun.

Our kids know they have to pick up their toys once they’re done. Keeps the area clean and we’re all happy.

#14 Build lego castles with mom and dad

The kids both received legos for Christmas. We break those out and have castle building contests. Or, we’ll build spaceships. That is unless the kids try to break ours. Which happens a good bit of time.

They’re big on crashing things, so if we build it they like to tear it apart giggling and laughing the whole time.

It makes for a big fun time for all of us.

#15 Play in a kiddie pool for fun!

Since it’s getting warmer we’ve been using their sandbox as a kiddie pool. It’s just deep enough that they can splash around and get wet. They love to splash so it’s worked well.

We’ll be upgrading to one of those plastic pools, but for now the sandbox has worked wonderfully. They actually told us they didn’t want another “pool”. But, I’m sure if we bought one they’d play in it too.

What ways do you have fun in an RV with your kids?

I’d love to hear how you’re having fun with your kids while living in an RV. We like to try different things every now and then. Also, if we can find new things to keep the kids from getting bored that helps too ;).

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image of kids using a cooler as a pool

How to Workout While Living In an RV

Small spaces can make you feel cramped and like you have no room to do anything. Especially when you’re wanting to do a workout. But, trying to workout while living in an RV doesn’t have to be some mystifying thing. You just have to figure out what will work and what won’t.

When things won’t work you have to compromise and find other ways. If it’s gorgeous outside then taking your workout outside is an obvious choice, but if you would rather workout in the comfort of your humble abode then it’s possible. You just need to get creative.

How to Workout While Living In an RV

Depending on how small your RV living area is will really depend on what you can actually do for a workout. I don’t advise doing any jumping exercises like jumping jacks, jumping squats or even burpees. Burpees mainly because not all RV’s have a really high ceiling and trying to jump in the air just doesn’t cut it really.

But, for the most part, you can do a good bit of weight lifting and bodyweight exercises inside your RV and can get a really good workout in. Just because you’re living in a small space doesn’t mean you are limited too much. You just need to think outside of the box when it comes to working out.

The one thing I wish I could do in our RV is to add a pull-up bar to one of the doorways. But, I don’t think ours is sturdy enough to hold me.

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But, here’s how to workout in your RV without feeling limited:

#1 Make Your Workout Plan

Knowing what you’re going to be doing for each workout is super helpful. You’ll be able to get all your gear together and not waste time trying to think of what to do next.

I would suggest jotting down a week’s worth of workouts at a time and keep it handy. Your fridge is a good place to hang your workout plan. It will keep it fresh in your mind and if your fridge is near your living area then you don’t have to walk too far to see what’s next in your workout.

You want to make things as simple as possible so you’re not tempted to just not do it. Also, by working out in your RV you’re saving money on a gym membership.

#2 Try to Eliminate Jumping Moves

Like I said above, not doing any jumping moves is ideal since RV’s are typically on jacks. If you feel comfortable jumping around in your RV then go for it. I’m not that comfy jumping around though. This also goes for jumping lunges, lateral shuffles, etc.

I’d rather take the workout outside to do any jumping moves if I needed too. No sense in taking chances in your RV by braking something. Maybe I’m being a bit overdramatic, but, meh, better safe than sorry!

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#3 Weights Are Great

A lot of women are scared of lifting weights because they think they’ll get bulky. But, the opposite happens really. When you start using weights you actually slim your body down and your body can burn fat more efficiently.

So, don’t be afraid to get a set or more of weights to keep in your RV for RV workouts. Just start by having two sets of different weights and slowly work your way up to different weights if you need too.

Lifting weights is probably the easiest way to workout in your RV and still really get a good workout. You’re standing relatively stationary, and you’re able to work your muscles.

#4 Yoga is Amazing

You don’t need a lot of room to practice yoga. Just roll out your mat in the living room and you’re golden. There are some great YouTube channels you can watch and follow along with.

Yoga is great if you’re feeling particularly stressed or if you’re starting to feel tense. It helps to calm your mind and body and release tension that’s being held all over.

Roll out your mat and get your yoga on at least 1-2 times a week.

#5 Clear the Space

We all know that RV’s can get cluttered really fast. It’s a small space and doesn’t take long at all for it to get cluttered and cramped. You don’t want to be moving things around as you’re trying to work out, so go ahead and clean up the area before you get started.

There’s nothing like stepping on a lego, dog toy, or random sneaker mid-workout and crashing to the floor. Believe me… it’s not fun. You end up losing your Sunday school lessons quick, fast and in a hurry. That’s when you’ll have wished you had picked up before starting your workout.

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#6 Stay Motivated

Sometimes it can be a little annoying working out in your RV. Space is limited, you have to figure out what you’re going to do, you might not feel in the mood… Try to create a space that is fun to workout in.

Some good tips for not making excuses are:

  • Set your clothes out the night before
  • Set your equipment out (but not where you can trip in the middle of the night)
  • Know what you’re going to be doing

#7 Get Outside If You Need Too

Maybe you really want to do a workout that requires a lot of movement. Maybe you’re wanting to do some jump roping, or you want to toss a medicine ball up a tree.

You don’t have to workout inside. Depending on where you live you might be able to do your workouts outside every day. We live in a super humid area and it really sucks.  So, I try to limit my outside exercise unless I’m wanting to seriously sweet.

Don’t Get Discouraged By the Small Spaces

It might be a little odd at first, but you’ll start getting the hang of it. Creating workouts that are easy to do in an RV will get easier as you find the different exercises that work best in the small space. Don’t get discouraged though. There is so much that you can do in your RV workout wise.

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What To Do When Starting Keto While In An RV

image of a cast iron skillet

This isn’t my first keto rodeo. I’ve just fallen off the bandwagon and am trying to get back on. What’s really great is I finally got my husband to agree to try keto with me! He says that he’s agreed multiple times, but it’s not true. Because every time he’s said that he then proceeds to make a carb-heavy supper. Yeah, way to want to try it, babe! In any case, we’re starting keto while in an RV and I’m pretty excited to document our journey.

My husband agreed to try it for a week, but then I bumped it up to two weeks. I’m hoping that I can extend it to 30 days just so he can see how his body reacts to being on keto. With that being said, we’re following The Keto Diet by Leanne Vogel. I have a hormone imbalance and adrenal issues and by her thoughts carbing up at night is a necessary thing for women. So, I’m going to follow her Daily Fat Burner profile.

What to Do When Starting Keto While in an RV

Basically, the Daily Fat Burner profile means you eat a certain amount of carbs every night. This also means that the number of carbs you have during the day for Breakfast and Lunch need to remain minimal. My biggest issue right now is finding things my husband will eat for breakfast.

So far I have egg muffins and eggs and bacon as ideas. He wants “quick and fast” breakfast ideas that are similar to instant oatmeal. -_- If you have ideas I’m all ears. I have a few other ideas, but I have to see if he will even like them first. Muffins are one. But, I also have to make sure it’s low enough carbs to get through the day since we’re both doing the Daily Fat Burner profile. He knows he can have about 40g of carbs with supper and that’s what he’s most concerned with.

Tips For Starting Out With Keto

After doing lots of research, asking other people questions, reading books and so on these are the tips I’ve compiled for starting out with keto.

#1 Ditch all forms of sugar in the beginning

Our body is trying to switch from glucose as a fuel source to fat as a fuel source. If you give your body anything that resembles or tastes like sugar I’ve heard that it can bring on cravings for certain foods. Personally, I don’t want to get cravings.

It’s hard enough that I know I’m going to crave crunchy things. I’m mentally prepping and prepping with food items too. Parm Crisps are one food I know that will help me a lot in the crunch department. Pork rinds would, but I tried them the other day and they ended up coming back to bite me. I’m not sure if it was the brand or not.

I have some Lakanto Golden Monkfruit sweetener, but I won’t use that for probably a week. The first time I went keto my cravings sort of decreased after the first week so I started adding Monkfruit sweetener to my buttery coffee.

#2 Either slowly decrease carbs or go cold turkey

The first time I went keto I decreased my carbs over a week. Ironically enough, I don’t eat a lot of carbs anyway and usually, the most carb heavy meal was dinner. So, this Daily Fat Burner profile that Leanne Vogel talks about will be fairly simple to master I think.

This time I’m going to go cold turkey. I already know what to expect symptom wise (cont. read below) and I’m pre-planning. With my husband on board, I don’t think I’ll be tempted to gorge on skillet fried potatoes & onions like before. My husband makes some damn good fried potatoes & onions (insert drool face).

But, I digress. Figure out which way is right for you. If you slowly decrease your carbs then you will likely not get the keto flu. So, just a word of advice, if you think you’ll be a pain in the ass with the keto flu then slowly decrease your carbs until you hit your carb goal for each day. The keto flu can make folks kind of monster-y. I was grouchy a little, but if you feed yourself lots of fat it should help.

#3 Drink water constantly

When you quit eating carbs as a fuel source for your body it starts to no longer retain water. With your body releasing all the water it once held and no longer storing water you need to keep constantly filling yourself up with water. If you don’t, you’ll get dehydrated and your keto flu will suck.

What I did last time was fill a huge water jug/container with water and added a pinch of Himalayan Sea salt to the water. The salt doesn’t necessarily alter the flavor of the water… unless you add too much. But, it will help replenish the salt you lose from releasing the water from your body. You need salt. Salt is your friend here.

I went out and bought a 64-ounce stainless steel jug to keep water in. I drink a lot of water usually, but this helps me keep track of just how much I drink. Unless my husband decides to chug my water, then I get pretty upset until he refills it. 🙂

#4 Add salt to everything

This kind of ties into the whole “add salt to your water” part from above. Since our bodies aren’t retaining water, they’re also flushing out a lot of salt from our system. The salt is a great electrolyte that our body needs. We don’t use much salt as it is, so we’ll be adding a little extra here and there to our diet.

This might get me weird looks, but adding a pinch of salt to your coffee is pretty tasty too. Now, let me preface by saying that my pinches are pretty small. So, be careful. Start with a few granules in your coffee and move up slowly from there. You don’t want a really salty coffee. That would be kind of weird.

When it comes to food though… just a light sprinkle over broccoli, your salad, or any meat you’re cooking will suffice as enough. You just want to make sure you’re getting it in your system.

#5 When in doubt add more fat

If you’re getting hungry throughout your time going keto then it’s likely because you’re not eating enough fat. I’ve read conflicting things on using fat bombs, especially if you’re wanting to lose weight. But, in the beginning, I would say a little extra fat is ok while you’re adapting to a new way of eating.

If the idea of eating fat bombs isn’t appealing then just drizzle a little extra olive oil or butter over your meals to get in extra fat. This will help keep you fuller longer and will quench any cravings you might have.

Also, if you’re craving something that’s not keto then head for a fat source first. Try to mitigate any temptations that might make you break down.

#6 Have crunchy keto snacks on hand

Parm crisps, pork rinds, cucumbers, pickles… things like this are great to have on hand when you get a crunch craving. Starting keto is hard, but when you prepare for things you know you’ll crave it will be easier. And, if you know you’re going to crave bread there are plenty of recipes out there for keto bread.

One thing I can’t wait to make is some keto bagels! I love a good bagel so I’m curious to see how this “fat head dough” turns out. Here’s a recipe you might want to check out for bagels with fat head dough… it’s the one I am going to try.

#7 Meal plan and make a shopping list

I know I’ve mentioned this before on my blog, but I really hate meal planning. I am hoping that by going keto and my husband being on board that the leftovers will remain left over so that he has lunch for the next day.

In theory, I could plan to make 21 different meals per week, but that’s really tedious. And, even if I made the same breakfast every day or two different breakfast types it would still be tedious. Having lunch already done a few days a week would be nice so I didn’t have to think about it.

Which brings me to another point, if you can prep ahead of time it makes things soooo much easier. I try to gather ingredients for certain meals and keep them together. Or, you can pre-chop veggies for cooking. That cuts down drastically if you can pre-chop all the veggies for the week.

Always make a shopping list and always bring it with you! If thy shop without a list; thy will fail!

#8 Fatty Coffee for the win


It’s the perfect way to get in a lot of fat. There are tons of recipes out there for fatty coffees that are good. Or experiment on your own.

Currently, I make mine with 2tsp of coconut oil, 1tsp colostrum, 1tsp Lakanto sugar (I’ll be ditching this when we start our two weeks) and then coffee and I blend it with my immersion blender. Boom. Easy peasy.

Leanne Vogel created what she calls a Rocket Fuel Latte. It’s essentially a fatty coffee, but in this post on caffeine-free versions, you can see how she makes hers. If you don’t want to go caffeine-free then sub coffee for the other options ;).

#9 Limit going out to eat for a while

With temptations likely to be something you’d cave in the beginning it would be a good idea to limit going out to eat. Unless you have a super strong will, you might cave for some french fries instead of getting broccoli with a side of melted butter. Or you might cave and ask for sweet potato rather than getting a salad with dressing on the side.

Limit yourself. It will help you in the long run.

Once your cravings go away it’s ok to go out and have a meal on the town. You’re less likely to falter off your path.

#10 Don’t be hard on yourself

If you do end up eating something that aren’t quite keto in the beginning don’t be hard on yourself. It’s not the end of the world, and it’s not as strict as the Whole30 rules. If you fall off track just pick yourself back up and keep going forward. Make better choices and limit whatever caused you to falter.

Be kind to yourself or you won’t adhere to the changes you’re making. Also. go watch The Magic Pill on Netflix. You’ll be more fired up than ever.

Do You Have Keto Flu Symptoms?

  1. Fatigue
  2. Sugar cravings
  3. Headaches
  4. Irritability
  5. Dizziness
  6. Other symptoms you didn’t have before going keto

All of these things and more are caused by taking carbs out of your diet and replacing them with fats. Don’t be alarmed though. It’s short-lived and usually clears in a few days.

Here are a few ways to combat Keto Flu:

  1. Eat More Fat
  2. Exercise
  3. Eat More Greens
  4. Eat More Food in General
  5. Add More Salt
  6. Drink TONS of water

You’ll quickly see a turn around once you start doing these things. After a few days, you’ll feel a million times better and you’ll start seeing some pretty awesome changes. I can’t wait to share what we see in ourselves this go around.

Stay tuned for our update!

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How to Grocery Shop While RV Living Full-Time

image of veggies at a grocery store

For quite a while we lived in our RV without a deep freezer. And, since we’re stationary RV full-timers, we finally brought ours down here to store frozen goods to help us out. The fridge is really small and we wanted to keep it as packed with greens as we could. We just had to learn how to grocery shop while RV living and it took us a bit of time.

Now, we pretty much do the same things before and after we go shopping. That’s what I’m going to talk about today. I hope this gives you a little insight into an RV situation when it comes to buying food. And, yes, we do go shopping about once a week. Because, after all, greens don’t really stay fresh that long in the fridge.

image of a fridge covered by an overlay

How to Grocery Shop While RV Living Full-Time

#1 Take inventory of what you have

This is probably our biggest downfall at the moment. We have lots of deer in our freezer, but we keep buying other meats. We really need to finish off the deer and everything else in our deep freezer. But, I digress, we’ll get there. I’ve slowly been bringing the meat out for us to eat on.

Anyway, take stock of what you have. There’s no sense in going to the store and buying things if you already have them in your RV. That’s just wasting precious space.

This past shopping trip I went through our pantry, cabinets, fridge, and freezer and wrote down everything we had.

#2 Plan out your meals

Once I had everything written down that we had food wise, I started making my meal plan. I’m pretty lax when it comes to meal planning really. I’m not rigid in the fact that we can’t move things as we want. One night if we have pork chops planned and we just don’t want it but want enchiladas instead then I’ll swap days!

So, I make the plan and then write out my list based on the plan. I love knowing that I can shift things around as I need and want for the family.

Always plan snacks too. You never know when you might get hungry. I try to get granola or something that’s easy to stash away in a compartment somewhere. Lately, we’ve been making oatmeal balls (energy balls but more kid friendly) and the kids are just loving them. I can get a huge thing of oats from Sam’s and we have oatmeal for a month.

Note: Only buy in bulk if you know you’ll use it and you know where you can fit it. It will save you time, money and trouble.

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#3 Note how much space you have

As I said above, take stock in where you can store things. This is one of the big reasons we put shelves in our pantry and our cabinets. I wanted to be able to store things without stacking 10 cans high. Or, higher sometimes. Hearing a big crash in the middle of the night didn’t appeal to me at all.

But, it’s always a good thing to make sure you have space for the things you are going to buy at the store. Beleive me, getting home and finding out you have things that don’t fit anywhere sucks. Ask me how I know!

When we first moved in we went to the store a couple times and ended up having items sitting on the couch or table because our cabinets couldn’t fit what we bought. This also goes for anything that might go in a drawer. Be sure your drawers can handle what you’re putting in there.

#4 Figure out what can live outside of your fridge

This has been the biggest struggle for me honestly. I mean, could they have not found a way to make a bigger fridge? Seriously! I’m a kitchen lady and having a big fridge would definitely be better than a big living room.

Ok, maybe that last part isn’t exactly true, but a standard size fridge that took up a little living room space would definitely be better than the tiny ass fridge they give us. Thankfully, though, my husband is a champ at packing things into the fridge without squashing all the goodies.

But, this also is a good time to think about what veggies will do ok outside of the fridge or what condiments can be left out of your fridge. The fewer things that need to go IN your fridge will make it easier to pack it full of the greens and other stuff.

We manage to fit a lot of greens, cucumbers, carrots, and tomatoes in our fridge along with other things. Figuring out how to eat a more simple diet definitely helps with keeping your fridge really clean. No need for all those crazy ingredients that you’ll use once, maybe twice, before they go bad.

Seriously, go for simple meals and your fridge woes will go away.

#5 Organize the fridge

So this kind of ties into #4, but it’s a rule in and of itself really. I’m horrible at organizing our fridge and will throw fits if I can’t get things to work. Then my husband will tell me to stand back and work his magic. He somehow figures out how things can all fit nice and neatly in the fridge.

I’ll figure that out someday. I promise.

If you can organize your fridge well you’ll be way better off. It’s amazing what you can actually fit in your fridge when you have it organized.

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#6 For the love of all that’s holy make a list – and take it with you

Ugh. Of all the times I made a list and left it at home… Do me a favor? Don’t be me! This is the epitome of crazy pants mistakes. Shopping on a whim is already not good because you end up with everything but what’s on your list. But, when you’re living in an RV it makes it that much worse.

If you can’t remember to grab your list before you go to the store then either put your list on your phone or stick it UNDER your phone right after you write it. You won’t leave it behind if it’s under your phone ;).

Then, not only are you sticking to your list, but you’re making sure you know exactly what will go into your RV for cooking.

#7 After you shop, put it away

Take your time and find everything a nice neat little home.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised at just how much food you can fit in your fridge and store in your camper.

We stock up on canned goods for nearly a month of meals, but the veggies and fruits keep us going to the store. I’m hoping that we can start canning a good bit of food over the summer so we have fewer trips to make to the store. I also need more pots to grow things outside. I’m on that though.

I’ve been researching growing blueberries and strawberries in containers. We have tomatoes right now, but I want lettuce and the blueberries and strawberries too. That would cut down on a good bit of our veggie/fruit consumption!

Go forth and grocery shop!

Do you feel a little more prepared now? I hope so. It might take a little bit to figure out, or you’ll be snazzy and it won’t take you any time at all! I hope the latter is true for you.

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RV Storage Ideas for Your Homestead Items

image of flip top bottles

When you downsize from 1000+ sq.ft. to a 31ft. RV with two slides you lose A LOT of the space that you once had. Over the last year and 7 months in our RV, I’ve had to get creative with storage. So I wanted to share my RV storage ideas for your homestead items to show you that you don’t have to compromise. You just have to be creative.

image of canned jams

RV Storage Ideas for Your Homestead Items

Now, to be fair, I still have a good bit I could probably pair down in our RV, but I haven’t been as diligent with it lately. Our cabinets get a little too full, books take up a little too much space, toys sometimes litter the kid’s rooms and sometimes our blanket stash explodes from under the couch.

Ok, that may be a little exaggerated (especially that last part), but the idea still stands. We could pair down a little more and be more mindful of our keepsakes and what needs to go. Having 4 yoga blankets in our RV might be a bit much, but we tend to use them. We probably don’t need allllll my books stuffed in cabinets, but come on, reading on an iPad just isn’t the same as holding a book. We compromise on some things.

But, that’s where different RV storage ideas come in handy!

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Things We’ve Done to Maximize Space

#1 Added Shelving In Cabinets

When we first moved into our camper it was crazy to see that there were no shelves in the cabinets or pantry. It baffled me to the point of just shaking my head. Initially, we stored our Swifer sweeper in our pantry because it was tall enough. But, I got tired of having absolutely nowhere to put canned goods.

So, rather than me complain about not having shelves in my pantry I went out and bought command hooks and asked my husband to cut shelves for me to lay in there. Now we have four shelves and can fit a good amount of things in our pantry.

It’s going to give me plenty of space to store canned goods and canning equipment.

#2 Added Command Hooks to Walls

This has been the single most awesome thing we’ve done in our camper. We have roughly 12 Command Hooks in our kitchen alone. They hold coffee cups, lemons, measuring spoons, measuring cups, oven mitten, wooden ladle, lighter and a wire mesh strainer so far. We also use them under the sink to hang things that have handles like our strainer.

Since I like to cook from scratch, having space for my kitchen wares was really important to me. I don’t have a LOT of stuff that I used to have, but what I do have is a good bit for living in an RV.

Other than the kitchen, we use Command Hooks in the bathroom for towels, my hair dryer, and straightener. And, then we use them in our bedroom and the kid’s bedroom for things like jackets. Of course, the jackets are going to be put up for summer, so I’m not sure what we’ll use them for now.

I’m sure we’ll figure it out though!

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#3 Built Shelves for Under Our Kitchen Sink

This space was a complete wreck before we put shelving in there. There were pots and pans and bowls all in there looking like a mini tornado came through. It was such a pain to stack things nicely or keep them nice and neat. I’m sure it would have been easier if I made a rack for the pot and pan lids. I still plan on doing that on the doors though, so that will be organized soon.

After putting a shelf under the sink it looks so much better! Even without the lid storage rack. I’m so happy. It’s the little things really. Now I can fit my InstaPot (that I need to replace), my water bath canner, tall stockpot and soon to be pressure canner under here.

My only issue with the shelf is that it’s not currently notched to fit around our water lines for the sink. That might be a little confusing, but the short story is the shelf was initially a table desk for me while sitting on the couch. I just got tired of the area under the sink being so cluttered.

The husbeast said he’s going to notch it soon… once he has time to breathe from work that is.

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#4 Removed Our Microwave for Added Storage

Our microwave took a crap a few months after we moved into our RV and it sat in its cubby for about 5 months before we got tired of looking at it. Granted, if you ever need something to store bread in then a dead microwave is FABULOUS. It keeps bread fresh a super long time, but other than that it just took up valuable space.

One day, my husband decided to see what it looked like behind the microwave and to our surprise, it was a cubby space with an electrical plug. So, we removed the microwave and haven’t looked back.

Now, we have tons of space in that area and I plan on putting a shelf or two in there as well. My only issue with the microwave space is that it’s right above the oven/stove so it gets pretty hot up there. You have to be careful what you store and make sure that heat won’t alter it chemically.

#5 Converting Under Beds to Storage Areas

This is a work in progress and right now we store some blankets that we used during winter under the beds, but that’s going to change. Or shift at least.

We’re going to be using it as storage for canned goods once we start canning this year. Which, I hope to start soon, but I need to get a pressure canner first. Note: That’s going to be real soon.

I have a few ideas for how I want to structure under my husbands and my bed and my daughter’s bed. Just a matter of getting it out of my head and onto paper so my husband can understand what I am trying to tell him. Apparently, I’m not good at explaining things haha.

I want either some drawers or shelves under my bed with the center space open kind of like if we were to walk between it. Not sure why yet, but that’s what I’m visualizing.

Then, under my daughter’s bed, I half visualize a square with cubbies built in for individual jars so they can’t tip over and roll around. Though, I’m not sure exactly how many we’d be able to store under the bed if we do that. So, that’s something we’re thinking about.

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#6 Put Shelving in Closet Spaces

We found some wire/metal shelving at Lowes that we used for our closets and our son’s closet that seem to work well right now. I wish it was a solid board that went all the way to the back of the closet for my husband’s and my closet, but these have worked so far.

This has helped out a lot since our closets didn’t have anything for us to hang clothes on, and the fact that we didn’t really hang many of our clothes anyway. There’s also the whole “our roof is weak” part to think about. So, shelving in the closets made the most sense for us.

I’m not complaining… too much at least.

#7 Organize Outside Storage Compartments

In the beginning, it was more of a “throw stuff in and close it” free for all. But slowly we’ve started to organize it so we’re not knocking things over or digging around to find a specific tool we need. With the outside compartments not being really big, it was kind of tough, but we manage thankfully.

If you can organize by putting the bigger items in the back and layering it forward that’s helpful. Then you’re able to see everything in one glance without having to dig through all the things.

This is mostly where all our gardening things go and any power tools my husband has.

#8 Use Under Couch Space For “Other” Storage Stuff

Our “under the couch” space right now is kind of a space for things we don’t use as often. So, for one item that’s my sewing machine. I don’t use it much, but I use it enough that I want to keep it in under the couch. There are a few other things under there too like mason jars, but not much.

Once we fix the couch to where it’s one solid board that has a handle hole drilled out I’ll likely store more things under it. Like canned goods and some foods that we buy from the store. It’s just a big pain to get into right now.

#9 Tall Toy Basket

We use a laundry basket we bought from Target for the kid’s toys. It’s been one of the best investments kid toy wise. It’s tall enough that all of their toys fit in it, but not too big that it takes up a lot of room. Keeping the space clear is what we’re aiming for so it looks bigger in there.

Thankfully, they keep their room cleaner with the basket too.

There are also toys and books in an overhead compartment in their room too. I need to clean it out actually. They don’t really use much in there so that’s a great place to downsize some things and give to a church or place in town.

Get Creative With Your Space

Just because these are the ways I have found to store all my goodies, doesn’t mean it has to be your way. Once you see your space and have lived in it a little bit you’ll start to find places where things should go and you’ll create your own storage ideas.

I at least hope this has given you some creative spark to get you going.

Happy Storage Building!

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