Getting Started With the Charlotte Mason Method for Preschool

Getting Started With the Charlotte Mason Method for Preschool

Looking for homeschool curriculum or even creating my own for our kids has been so difficult. I know that I can’t expect to find the perfect homeschool curriculum exactly how I want it laid out. And, yet, the thought of putting my very own curriculum together was equally as daunting. But, the idea of using Charlotte Mason Method for preschool kept coming back to me.

I ended up researching on Pinterest for an hour or so and reading the different posts of women using this method for schooling their preschool age children. They seemed very at ease and like they enjoyed teaching it. The further I dug into posts on Pinterest, the more I started seeing how great the Charlotte Mason Method for preschool could be for our kids.

They already love reading time, so that made it an easy choice. Charlotte Mason believed children should wait until the age of 6 to start their school

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Getting Started With the Charlotte Mason Method for Preschool

When we found out we were having our first child I was substitute teaching at an elementary school where we lived. At the time, I wanted to get first-hand experience and knowledge about working in schools. If I was going to get my Master’s degree in education I wanted to make sure I would like it and enjoy it enough to not dread work.

Sadly, after a year of subbing at the elementary school, I was 100% sure I would not teach there, or at all likely. The way the classes were split up and decided just didn’t seem to fit my idea of school. Not to mention, seeing teachers being threatened by elementary school age students didn’t make me feel any better.

The fact that teachers can’t do anything, but allow the kid to strike them just infuriates me. But, I digress, seeing all of this and experiencing some of it left me with a strong determination to homeschool my children. It was that or they’d go to a private school.

Children Eventually Grow Up

As my son got older we got more serious about our talks of schooling our son. I was staying home at the time and so we settled on homeschooling him. It was only more solidified when we had our daughter two years ago.

There are still times I debate sending my kids to school, and I’m sure it will be a constant thought in my mind. So we’re leaving that decision open for discussion as time rolls on.

Right now, we’ve settled on the Charlotte Mason method for preschool this year and I’m a little excited. I found a really awesome curriculum that was tailored for kindergarteners at A Humble Place, but I’ll be using it to create one for my son. He’s not quite kindergarten ready, so we’re going to alter it for his level.

I’m not sure if I’ll have to alter it at all, but we’re reviewing it now.

Check out A Humble Place for an awesome curriculum and more posts on using the Charlotte Mason method for preschool aged children.

How We’re Getting Ready For Preschool

Planning has always been my downfall really. I’m horrible at planning and even worse at sticking to a plan. However, I know that the only way I’ll make it through homeschooling our kids is by having a plan set out and following it.

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It’s a bit tough because I also work at home, but I think we’ll be able to manage and find our own groove. I’m trying to set up my work schedule to fall around naptimes and bedtimes. If that doesn’t work then I’ll try to get up earlier than my kids to get my work done.

Finding & Building The Right Curriculum Is Tricky

Even though you can find a detailed curriculum for Charlotte Mason on Ambleside Online, preschool isn’t part of it. Charlotte Mason believed that kids should start their school studies at age 6, but my son is already wanting to learn.

There is a Year 0 part of the CM curriculum, but it is geared towards any child from 0-5 and not specific.

Since the Charlotte Mason curriculum isn’t built out for preschool age children I was really glad that I found A Humble Place. She put this curriculum together for Kindergarteners, so we’re going to adapt it and then re-use it next year too!

At least that’s the plan for right now.

We’re also looking at Classical Conversations and The Homegrown Preschool as well for ideas to add to our curriculum.

Why Not Only Homeschool the Charlotte Mason Method for Preschool?

I don’t entirely know the whole gist of the Charlotte Mason Method yet, but I also feel like we need to create a system that works for our kids. It may be purely Charlotte Mason, but it might not. So, I’m going to create and adjust our months based on how my son is progressing.

Once our daughter joins in (which will likely be from the start with her own little things) we’ll bob and weave through adjustments.

Right now, we’re following a few families on Pinterest and Instagram that also homeschool multiple children and are gaining inspiration from them.

We Encourage Looking At the Ambleside Online Year 0 First

This is something we’ve been looking at over and over again. There’s a long list of books we’re jotting down and will likely be visiting the library soon as well.

We’re starting in September, and I really hope I’m ready to get started. There are a few books I need to grab still, but I’m mostly ready to get started.

The butterflies are starting to get a little more frequent. When I think about trying to keep my son and daughters attention for the morning before lunch it’s a little scary. They’re super hyper and typically have a very short attention span.

How You Can Get Started With the Charlotte Mason Method for Preschool Too

First, check out Ambleside Online for information on Charlotte Mason, curriculums and even books by Charlotte Mason on homeschooling. There is a wealth of information on this site alone and it can be very overwhelming. Just try to take it in strides. Also, visit Simply Charlotte Mason as well.

Next, head over to Pinterest and do a search on Charlotte Mason Homeschooling. It will populate a TON of posts from curriculum to books to activities that you can do with your children.

My favorite blogs so far are A Humble Place and Farmhouse Schoolhouse. They’re both pretty great at making it seem like everything will be ok, and of course, A Humble Place is where I found a curriculum that I can easily adapt and follow :).

Another good place to find information on the Charlotte Mason Method for preschool is The Charlotte Mason Way. She has a free Lesson Plan if you sign up for her email list. It’s over 100+ pages. This is on my “to read” list for the month of September.

What We’re Not Doing

We’re not going to stress over everything being perfect. We’re not going to want everything to be right in the first month. And, we’re not going to beat ourselves up if things start looking rough.

Well, at least, we’re going to try not to do these things. I’m going to be creating a print out for myself that has little reminders on it for the start of the “school” year. If you’d like to receive the print out as well feel free to email me and let me know :). I’ll likely make it downloadable and accessible to my email subscribers as well.

Hopefully we’ll be updating each month of our journey here on the blog. So, stay tuned for thoughts on how we’re adjusting and making our way through the curriculum!

Getting Started With the Charlotte Mason Method for Preschool

Are you using the Charlotte Mason Method for Preschool? Share in the comments below how you’re getting started!

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