Why You Need a Dehumidifier In Your RV

We started living in our RV in October 2017 and we weren’t exactly prepared. Our windows always had condensation, we would find water dripping down our walls, and even sometimes we’d have water dripping from our ceilings. I called and asked my grandfather if that was normal (new RV-er here). He told us, “you probably should put a dehumidifier in your RV.”

So, like any good grandchild, I started looking for one at different stores in our area. Mind you, we were dead in the middle of winter when I was looking. Do you know how hard it is to find a dehumidifier in the middle of winter? Let’s just say it wasn’t fun. I called quite a few stores before they found one that was hiding. Thankfully!

Why You Need a Dehumidifier In Your RV

We have some of the most humid summers here in Mississippi. Down along the coast, it’s not as bad. You have the Gulf breezes that blow through and keep most of the air moving. But, you move up north about 50 miles into Mississippi and the humidity is stifling.

It is probably one of the main things I don’t like about living here. I hate humidity. Hate it. But, it’s what I get to deal with and so I’ve been looking for ways to cope with the humidity here.

I try not to go outside if I don’t have to in the Summertime. But, with kids, that’s kind of impossible. Thank goodness for kiddie pools and cool water.

But, I digress… having a dehumidifier in your RV is a really good thing if you live in a humid area.

image of a dehumidifier

So, why do you need a dehumidifier?

If you live in an area that has a good deal of humidity you might find that your windows, walls, and ceiling will start collecting water. This isn’t really a good thing. The walls aren’t meant to get wet and it can create a mold situation also.

We had to bleach an area under my daughter’s bed that had mold. It wasn’t black mold or I likely would have torched the thing, but it was still mold. We ended up soaking a cloth in water and gently laying it on the mold (didn’t want the spores to spread). After that, we poured bleach on the mold areas.

Not exactly a nice chemical, but my husband said it would kill the mold. We let it air out for a few nights before we sent the kids back in there. Also, we had the dehumidifier in there with a fan.

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image of a dehumidifier

Keeps your camper from feeling like you’re outside

Our dehumidifier has saved us so much discomfort. There was one time I woke up in the middle of the night and it literally felt like I was sleeping outside. I could feel the humidity when I was breathing.

After getting a dehumidifier and running it in the RV for a few hours you could feel the difference in the air. Not to mention we had to empty the tank probably every 6 hours at first.

Even now, after we’ve had it almost a year, in the summertime we empty it almost every morning and evening. If it’s a particularly humid day we might empty it another time. It will beep when it gets full. It’s not a beep you can sleep through either. So, it’s woken us up a few times.

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Keeps your walls from sweating

We had a particularly wet winter our first winter in the RV. It rained off and on for about a month or two. I was so sick and tired of the rain, but when the walls started collecting condensation that was all I could take. So, I called my grandfather and that’s when he told me to look for a dehumidifier.

Honestly, I hadn’t thought about it, because normally people use humidifiers for things. Especially when folks get sick. But, I started looking around and tried calling places before we actually went out to get one. Four stores later and we finally found two dehumidifiers.

Once we found a place that had one, I told my husband we had to go right that second. I probably was a bit dramatic. But, having the water drop down on you or make your couch pretty wet from the water rolling down the walls was kind of an emergency thing to me.

Less condensation build up on your windows

Just like the walls, our windows stayed with condensation on them. We tried wiping them down, we tried using vinegar, I searched the internet. Nothing helped. My kids were constantly drawing pictures in the condensation.

image of a dehumidifier in an RV

But, once we got a dehumidifier that helped drastically. We haven’t had condensation on the window since then. At least the inside. The only time there’s ever really condensation now is if it’s humid and rainy outside. Or, if the dew point and the temperature is within 1 degree of each other.

We think having a dehumidifier for your RV will make a big difference for you.

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If you live full-time in an RV then you might need a dehumidifier. Check out why having a dehumidifier in an RV is a really good thing.

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