7 Frugal Living Websites You Should Be Reading

7 Frugal Living Websites You Should Start Reading Today

There are many websites out there that talk about being frugal and wise with your money, but some of the frugal living websites just go above and beyond. So, I was in search of some really awesome frugal living websites that went into more than just saving money. My husband and I wanted to find ways to save money, pay off debt, live a simpler life and learn how to cut back on what we were doing in life.

We wanted the whole package. Big lifestyle changes going on here. Thankfully, I found some great sites that were really helpful and are still helpful when I get down or need some inspiration.

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7 Frugal Living Websites You Should Be Reading

Making Cents of Cents

By far one of my favorite sites. I didn’t really like budget sites or debt management sites until I found Michelle. She helped my mindset a lot in this area. That’s how I found her course Making Cents of Affiliate Marketing and I’ve been trying to implement things in my own blogging from that course.

Money Savvy Momma

This is a super cool site that has a lot to offer. Her posts are easy to follow and full of good information. One of the really awesome things about her site is that she shows you how to teach your kids the meaning of a dollar! With two kids of my own, this is a super important thing.

3 The Penny Hoarder

I love this site. There are so many blogs that are actionable and easy to understand. They are out to help others live a more simple life while not overspending their budget. Dip your toes into this one slowly, because there are a lot of blog posts on this site. It’s easy to travel down the rabbit hole 😉

4 Don’t Waste the Crumbs

Hands down an amazing site for budgeting around food and saving money. I. Just. Love. This. Site. I’ve downloaded many of her freebies that she offers to help my family start getting a handle on our food budget. I’ve never been great at meal planning and she really helps.

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5 The Budget Mom

When I’m feeling down and out about breaking the budget or falling off the budget wagon I go here for inspiration. She’s so real and is one of my fav frugal living websites. She makes me feel like I can actually wrangle that thing called “budget” without making me feel like I have to give it all up.

6 Good Bye to Broke

Clean cut and straight to the point. Good Bye to Broke has so much to offer that I just can’t help but going over there when I’m feeling like pulling my hair out of my head. I’ve taken quite a few nuggets away from here that I use constantly in my own life. I hope you’ll find your own little wisdom nugget.

7 The Frugal Farm Girl

I found the Frugal Farm Girl’s website after I started this blog and I ended up on her site for quite a while. I loved her blogs. Go check out her site and click on “debt free”. She has tons of actionable blogs you can read over and be inspired by!

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Each of these sites have so much to offer and are very different in how they go about things. If you don’t jive with all of them, I hope you at least jive with one of them and that it helps you on your journey.

Saving money and living a simpler life shouldn’t be something we dread. Having more doesn’t equal more happiness. I learned that the hard way sadly. Find what your ideal budget is for your family and start seeing where you’re spending excess money. Print out your bank statement and highlight the unnecessary things.

There you go! 7 frugal living websites that should definitely be on your list to read and pay attention too!

7 Frugal Living Websites You Should Be Reading

Do you have any favorite frugal living websites? Share them below in the comments!

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2 Replies to “7 Frugal Living Websites You Should Be Reading”

  1. I am already familiar with Making Sense of Cents and The Penny Hoarder, those are two excellent blog sites indeed. And now you have introduced me to several other sites which I will have to go and take a look at now!

    1. Thanks for stopping by!
      I love those two also. I’m always on the lookout for new frugal/budget blogs. What are your favorites?


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