Fun Earth Day Activities For Kids

I’ve never really considered doing any Earth Day activities for our kids and I can’t tell you why. But, as my kids grow and are learning what’s ok and not ok we’re going to be teaching lessons this Earth Day and likely throughout the week. Littering has been something that has come up repeatedly as we’re driving or if a piece of garbage flies out of the truck or whatever.

It’s a great teaching point, so we’re going to take advantage of this wonderful day and teach them about the Earth and why we should protect it.

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Fun Earth Day Activities For Toddlers

This is where you get to leave the serious face at home and act like kids again with your own kids. Don’t let them do this alone. Get down and dirty with them as you explore what Earth Day really means to you and your family. Strike up the discussion and see where it leads.

Most of all…

Have fun!

image of a man laughing holding a painted paper plate

1 Earth Day Paper Plate + Craft Paper

For this activity, we’re going to take out green and blue craft paper for her to cut out little pieces. Once she has a good amount of each cut up into tiny pieces we’re going to glue them onto the plate. It’s a great way to teach about the earth and differences between land and water. It also opens the doors to talk about littering and caring for the earth.

Don’t be overly critical (actually… not at all) about how they’re cutting out the pieces of craft paper. Let it be a fun adventure. Also, let them glue on the pieces how they want. As they get older, you can expand on where the continents are and how they were formed.

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2 Earth Day Scavenger Hunt + Printable List

We love this activity. It’s a fun way to explore the surrounding areas around where you live. Help your kid(s) gather the items on the list or look for them in the area. Be mindful of what’s around so they’re not picking up something that could hurt them.

I’ve created a little printable that you can print out and bring along with you on your scavenger hunt.

You can download the printable list here

3 Earth Day Dirt Cups

Be prepared to get a little dirty! These cups are so fun to create with kids.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 1 box of pudding
  • package of Oreos
  • gummy worms

Mix up the pudding and crush up the Oreos. Then put the pudding in the bottom of the cups and then sprinkle the top with crushed up Oreos and stick the gummy worms on top.

Earth Day Discovery Bottles

Like little sensory bottles crafted specifically for Earth Day. You can take any bottle that’s clear and has a wide enough mouth and fill it with things like rocks, sticks, or even seashells. Put some glitter or food coloring in the bottles and let your littles shake and watch the magic happen.

These are so fun and can be a bit mesmerizing… even for adults.

Earth Day Sensory Box

You can do this with dirt, rice or other things you have around the house. The post linked in the title shows how to dye rice, use leftover plastic Easter eggs and some marbles to create a fun environment.

You don’t even need a bucket really. You can do this super cheap by going outside and finding some dirt, rocks and using leftover Easter eggs to play with. Let your kid(s) get creative and have fun.

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Fun Earth Day Activities For Kindergarten

1 Lessons on Littering

Here’s a little poem from that is pretty cute. It’s a great way to open the conversation about littering and how it affects the Earth.

An activity that you can do along with this is maybe going around your neighborhood with a pair of trash grabbers and a trash bag. It will allow them to get a sense of how much people litter and they can feel a sense of accomplishment with helping to clean up their neighborhood a little.

(click the image to download)

2 Learn About Recycle, Reduce, & Reuse

image of a recycling bin

This can tie into the lesson above. If you’re doing an expedition of picking up litter you can try to find a recycling place in your area to teach about the three R’s.

I can remember when I was younger my grandfather and I would collect soda cans and beer cans and we’d take them to the garage and smash them. He had this PVC pipe crushing system he built and we’d stay out there crushing cans for hours. Once we had a good bit built up we’d take them to a metal collection place to turn them in and get our little money.

It’s a great way to teach kids about recycling and can be done with plastic, paper or cans.

3 Earth Day Picture & Word Tracing

image of a drawing with a tree and kids around it

Here’s a great site that has a free download for tracing the Earth and some sentences. Viviana has tons of handouts on her site, but the link above is specifically for Earth Day activities for kids.

Check it out and have fun with these little activities.

4 Earth Day Painted Paper Plates

image of two kids painting paper plates

Let them have fun and be creative with this one! It’s always interesting to see what kids come up with when they’re left to their own imaginations. Sit back and enjoy.

One of my kids painted the “Hulk’s planet” and one painted a pink planet. They were both equally proud of their planets.

Image of a little girl holding a painted paper plate

5 Nature Walk

I love a good walk in nature. Thankfully, we live in an area that’s surrounded by wildlife and we can talk about many things. The animals, how litter affects the critters, how litter can harm them and so much more. If you want to expand your scavenger hunt you can see what all can be spotted and make notes on the back of your paper.

My kids love exploring and finding bugs and insects so it’s fun to see just what all you can find. This is one of my favorite Earth Day activities for kids because you get to see them light up with excitement when they find something.

For Even More Activites

Check out Ludavia’s post over on The Mama Workshop. She has over 50 Earth Day activites listed for you to try!

image of a little boy using a garden hoe


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