The Best Ways to Get Started as a Virtual Assistant

The Best Ways to Get Started as a Virtual Assistant

More and more these days women want to find ways to work from home so they can be with their children. A lot of times it can be hard to find something you can make money with. When I was looking for something myself, someone once said, “Why don’t you get started as a virtual assistant?”

And, to be honest, I shrugged it off for so long.

I ended up taking loads of different types of courses from a life coach training, Squarespace design training, to info-product training. It was kind of crazy, to be honest.

I was kind of crazy about taking courses. I wanted to find the best one that would push me in a direction that would make me money.

Along the way, though, I picked up some super valuable knowledge. And that knowledge is what I use today to make a living as a virtual assistant.

The Best Ways to Get Started as a Virtual Assistant

I get asked all the time about what the best ways are to get started as a virtual assistant, and this can be such a hard question to answer based on what someone knows how to do or is willing to learn. So, I’m going to try my best to give you my best ways to get started as a virtual assistant in this post.

You can try them all or you can just try a couple. There’s no right or wrong way to get started. The best thing to do is just start and grow from where you are.

#1 Find Virtual Assistant Facebook Groups

When you search Facebook for Virtual Assistant groups, you’ll find a ton of them.

If I were starting over I would get in about 5-10 different groups and start immersing myself in the world so that I could learn from those that are already doing this kind of work.

You want to get into these groups and start interacting with them. Ask questions, but don’t be overly obnoxious. Learn from them.

When you start becoming more and more active in groups on Facebook, you’re allowing yourself to become known for something. This is what will enable you to create a following of people who will know you for what you do as a virtual assistant.

Once you’re promoting yourself, these groups will be your place of refuge. You will be able to ask questions about how to promote yourself best, where people are finding their clients and possibly even find your first customer.

#2 Look at What Virtual Assistants Are Helping People With

It’s best to get an idea of what’s possible before you get started trying to do a million things. There are SO many types of things you can do as a virtual assistant, but it’s best just to pick a handful.

Random things Virtual Assistants can do:


  • scheduling blog posts
  • scheduling newsletters
  • graphic creation
  • writing blogs
  • editing blogs
  • social media posting
  • social media scheduling
  • newsletter template creation
  • landing page creation
  • replying to blog comments
  • replying to social media comments


  • email autoresponder setup
  • customer service
  • you can manage marketing tasks
  • manage social media accounts
  • maybe manage projects
  • create power points
  • worksheets in Word documents
  • create excel spreadsheets
  • design PDF’s
  • and so much more


This list isn’t comprehensive. Do your research and figure out what you would love to be helping other entrepreneurs within their businesses.

If you don’t know or don’t have the training, then that leads us in to #3, which is to get training!

#3 Get Training

This probably should be number one on the list, but not everyone has the money to go out and get training (even though I would definitely say getting a loan for THIS would put you leagues above everyone else).

When looking for a training you want to make sure that the person teaching you can back up their methods. You want to ensure they’re actually profiting from their business and not just trying to sell you something.

The best way to know if they’re legit is to look at their business.

  • Do they have clients?
  • How are the testimonials?
  • Can you speak to past clients?
  • Are there people who’ve taken the course that are doing really well?
  • Are there individuals who didn’t like the course? If so, why not?

Dig deep and figure out all the details before you actually invest your money and time into a program or training.

#4 Connect in Facebook Groups That Have Virtual Business Owners

Earlier we talked about finding Facebook Groups that were for Virtual Assistants, but now I want you to go out and find Facebook groups that have virtual business owners in them.

Hint: You don’t have to look too far. If you ask in groups you’re already a part of for names and links to entrepreneurial groups; you’ll get so many to choose from.

You’ll want to do the same thing in those groups that you did in the Virtual Assistant Facebook Groups.

  • Get to know the types of businesses people have and everyone in the groups
  • Share tips and tricks you’re learning or have learned
  • Be helpful
  • Ask questions
  • Share wins
  • Watch others ( to learn)
  • Give more than you ask

#5 Use a Site Like Upwork or Fiverr to Get Started

If none of those suits your fancy, then you can always try places like Upwork or Fiverr. Both of those sites are where you can offer your services and showcase your abilities. These are great ways to find clients and get started as a virtual assistant.

There are tons of entrepreneurs each day searching sites like these for people to help them in their business.

How to get started on Upwork or Fiverr:

  1. Sign up for an account
  2. Fill out your profile
  3. Be prepared to offer less than what you’re seeing people charging
  4. Build your brand
  5. Get rave reviews
  6. Build your clients
  7. Promote. Promote. And, promote some more.

You have to have a bit of patience with these sites, though. There aren’t ways to interact and communicate with the audience. Instead, you can talk about what you’re wanting to do and are doing on places like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

Network and build up your clients one at a time.


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