19 Homeschool Activities You Should Try This Year

19 Homeschool Activities You Should Try This Year

Homeschool activities should be fun and easy, not stressful.

Which is why I’ve been scouring Pinterest and the Internet for different activities. I wanted things that would be fun and also educational for our children. On top of

On top of that, I was trying to find activities that both my son and daughter could participate in together (so I wasn’t leaving one or the other out) and found a few that I really liked.

Another great thing about these is that some you’ll likely be able to do with things around your house. Some will possibly require a purchase of some sort.

You could also use the images for inspiration and a jumping off point for creating your own homeschooling activities.

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19 Homeschool Activities You Should Try This Year

Activities have always been something I’ve shied away from doing with my kids. Mostly because of the mess that typically ensued in our house. We can’t go 5 minutes without spilling something. Literally.

My mother-in-law says that my husband was the same way, so I guess they both got that from him.

All I know is that I was hoping to either find activities that weren’t really messy or get over my aversion to them making a mess. I can’t say that I’m over that yet, but I’m trying.

We’ve been slowly exploring in kitchen activities and painting and I feel that it’s time to expand our handcrafts and activities to other things.

“Everything (mostly) can be cleaned.”

That’s what I’ve been telling myself lately at least.

The kids have to learn and they won’t learn how to be careful if the opportunity isn’t given to them. Life should be about learning experiences, right? So, this is a great opportunity for them.

Kid Life Hack Tip: Take them outside for activities if the weather permits. Makes for easier clean-up and less mess in your house.

One thing we are going to be starting is something called a “Nature Journal.” The kids and I are going to be going on daily nature walks where we’ll try to draw/paint/use color pencils to create what we see. This is something we’re going to adding to the science portion of our curriculum.

I figure that’s a great way to break myself into getting messy.

But, here are more homeschool activities that you can do with your kids that are both fun and educational.

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1 Fraction Flowers

Homeschool Activities Fraction Flowers

2 Coin Sorting for Sensory

Homeschool Activities Coin Sensory

3 Shadow Tracing

Homeschool Activities Shadow Tracing

4 How to Make Paper Mache Planets

Homeschool Activities Paper Earth

5 Learning About Plants

Homeschool Activities Learning About Plants

6 Where Do I Live Activity

Homeschool Activities Where Do I Live

7 Christmas Tree Lacing Cards

Homeschool Activities Christmas Tree Lacing

8 DIY Wall Hanging Wool Sheep

Homeschool Activities Wool Lambs

9 Human Body Printables

Homeschool Activities Human Body Printables

10 Sight Word Swat

Homeschool Activities Sight Word Swat

11 Cloth Dyeing – Pioneer History

Homeschool Activities Cloth Dyeing

12 Missing Number Clip Sticks

Homeschool Activities Missing Number Clip Sticks

13 Month Sequencing Sticks

Homeschooling Activities Months of the Year Sequencing Sticks

14 Spider Life Cycle

Homeschool Activities Spider Life Cycle

15 Make a Skeleton

Homeschool Activities Skeletal Activity

16 Cotton Swab Letter Painting

Homeschool Activities Cotton Swab Letter Painting

17 Word Building Travel Kit

Homeschool Activities Word Building Travel Kit

18 Nature Exploration

Homeschool Activities Nature Exploration

19 Kite Flying & Weather Lesson

Homeschool Activities Flying Kites

These are just a few homeschool activities I’ve found or were inspired by things I found.

I’ve found that it can be a little overwhelming while homeschooling to find activities that are both educational and fun. I’ve also come to realize that not everything has to be educational, but will still be teaching them something.

Some of these are more sensory and dexterity than anything, and I’m quite ok with that.

These are activities that can be done during free play or as just a handicraft for the day. Some can be integrated into your curriculum.

Check them out and let me know if you try any of these. 🙂

Homeschool Activities You Should Try This Year


Do you have any other homeschool activities that you love doing with your little ones? Share them in the comments below!

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