13 Homeschooling Blogs You Need to Read For Inspiration

Top 13 Homeschooling Blogs You Need to Read For Inspiration (1)

Ever felt like giving up on this whole homeschooling thing? I know I have a couple times, and the bad thing is I just started! I give all the women out there super props if they've homeschooled 1 or more kids. My increasing frustration is why I started looking for homeschooling blogs that would inspire me.

Not all homeschooling blogs are created equal.

Ok, so this is more a preference thing than anything else. And, it really depends on the type of homeschooling you've settled on.

Once you know the style of homeschooling that you think will benefit and be good for your child(ren) you can start searching for the blogs that are specific to that style that would inspire you the most.

It's honestly that easy thankfully.

For us, we've settled on Charlotte Mason style method. So far it's working for us, but we're still trying to find a Math curriculum we like and enjoy. The one that has been suggested to us we're just not really into all that much.

My son spends more time wondering where the math is in the curriculum than anything, so I've been doing my own sort of math with him.

What are we doing for math?

We're using Sterilite Containers and some little white pebbles for counting and grouping. This has been working so far, but I feel like I want a little more. So, we're looking at different things to see which one we feel might be best for us.

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13 Homeschooling Blogs You Need to Read For Inspiration

Once we knew that Charlotte Mason was the method we wanted to use for homeschooling I started there and began looking for blogs.

There are tons of homeschooling blogs out there that talk about using a Charlotte Mason “Inspired” curriculum. And, then there were some that talked about a “mix” of CM and other styles. I wasn't really keen on the mixed curriculum blogs at the beginning because I felt we needed to stick with one method.

However, I found two Instagram profiles that I fell in love with (The Farmhouse Schoolhouse & Jodi Mockabee) that weren't solely CM style and slowly opened to incorporating other methods.

Some of the blogs on my search lead me to others, and some I found purely through stalking Pinterest looking for homeschooling blogs to follow. I started with the intention of finding a curriculum that my son could follow (and that I thought was good) and came across several that I liked.

If you're feeling down or a little nervous about starting to homeschool your child(ren) then I really suggest finding like-minded blogs you can follow. Some of these women made me go, “Phew. I really can do this.”

And, sometimes a little inspiration can go a long way to helping you move forward. Don't you think?

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Below Are Some Inspiring Homeschooling Blogs

I hope these blogs inspire you like they have inspired me. All of these women are amazing and provide valuable information on curriculum, activities, and ways to help when things get rough.

1 A Humble Place

2 The Minimalist Homeschool

3 The Charlotte Mason Way

4 A Gentle Feast

5 The Homegrown Preschooler

6 Sicily's Heart & Home

7 Salty Tribe Co.

8 Jodi Mockabee

9 Farmhouse Schoolhouse

10 Hip Homeschooling

11 This Whole Home

12 Wee Folk Art

13 Mama's Happy Hive

Ok.. One more

14 Simple Living Mama

There you have it! I had to add Simple Living Mama in there at the end. All of these blogs are truly inspiring to me and I turn to them when I need a little extra pep in my homeschooling step.

I'll also be doing a round-up post of blogs and sites that have my favorite curriculum layouts on them. There are amazing and great curriculum layouts that these women have that make homeschooling that much easier. So, be sure to be on the look out for that in the next coming weeks!

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13 Homeschooling Blogs You to Read For Inspiration

Are there any homeschooling blogs you find inspirational? Share them in the comments below!

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