Homesteading Skills You Can Learn On YouTube

Homesteading Skills You Can Learn On YouTube

We’ve already gone over the many skills that all new homesteaders should learn. But, today we’re going over the various homesteading skills you can learn on YouTube.

YouTube may have tons of videos that don’t interest you, but if you knew how many you could find that pertained to homesteading you’d be surprised. There are tons!

If I ever want to learn how to do anything new I typically search YouTube first before searching on Google. It’s come in handy more than a few times when I wasn’t sure how to do something.

Most people don’t’ think to search YouTube though.

They think that things have to be super hard to learn and will scour the internet for answers, or even ask their friends and relatives. Often times they’ll give up before they ever learn how to do something. Such is the “instant gratification” times we live in now.

If we can’t learn something immediately we typically give up. Life isn’t like it used to be where hard work was something that came with the territory. Life is easier. We can have anything we want and have it delivered to our doorstep with free two-day delivery rather than having to make it or barter for it.

But, it’s important to learn skills that may one day come in handy. Which is why it’s awesome that there are homesteading skills you can learn on YouTube rather than having to find someone to teach you in person.

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Homesteading Skills You Can Learn On YouTube

Sewing, knitting, and crocheting are things I’ve searched YouTube for in the past year. I’ve been wanting to learn how to sew clothes without patterns, knit new patterns, and crochet sweaters for my kids. Thankfully each of these can be found on YouTube!

Then, sometime last month a dear friend of mine sent me some links for YouTube channels that contained information on food preservation and told me to watch some. She’s concerned about the impending collapse of the economy and has been prepping her canning pantry and stocking it fully and was making sure I was doing the same.

So, what things should you be looking for when wanting to find homesteading skills you can learn on YouTube?

Well, think of it this way… You want to know how to fend for yourself when it comes to food, shelter, and water. So, the best things to start with are knowing how to build your own shelter, grow your food and clean the water you need to drink.

There are many videos out there that will teach you to build a makeshift shelter and even how to build a water filtration system to help purify water if you’re not near good sources or run out of tablet purifiers.

Below is a list of homesteading skills that my husband and I settled on that are good to know and that you can find on YouTube.

Don’t overwhelm yourself and try to learn everything at once. Choose one and go from there. Once you feel comfortable enough to do it on your own then move on and learn a new skill. Try to learn a new skill each month and by the end of the year you should be able to, theoretically, live on your own if you had to do it.

Our list of homesteading skills you can learn on YouTube starting today:

1 Canning

There are two types of canning that you can do when preserving your harvest. Be sure to learn how to both water bath can and pressure can. Both techniques are used in different circumstances based on what you’re canning.

Homesteading Skills You Can Learn On YouTube

2 Crocheting

It’s nice to know how to crochet different patterns that will add a bit of decoration to anything you make. This helps keep things from being drab or boring. Not to mention if you’re crocheting anything to sell it helps up the appeal of the items!

3 Knitting

Knitting has the same overall concept as crocheting only you’re using two knitting needles rather than a crochet hook. Again, it’s nice to know different techniques rather than staying with a simple pattern.

Both of these are very useful in making things like scarves, hats, mittens, coats, sweaters and even oven mitts!

4 Sewing by Hand

I think this is a very important skill to learn.

If you know how to sew by hand you’ll never have to fear not being able to mend anything or sew clothes if you have to.

Homesteading Skills You Can Learn On YouTube

5 Using a Sewing Machine

While sewing by hand is great to learn it is time consuming and when you’re able to use a sewing machine it’s best if you do. It will save you hours and save your fingers. Thimbles only help you from being stuck by the needle they don’t help you from getting cramps in your hand.

6 Filtering Your Own Water

If you don’t know how to create your own water filter system then this is probably one of the first things I would learn. If you don’t have drinkable water then you’re pretty much up the creek without a paddle. Learn this one and plan for emergencies.

Start to plan by putting tablet purifiers away for emergency situations. Iodine tablets are great for this.

7 Tilling a Garden Manually

This may seem crazy, but you can find a hand tiller at any hardware store. I think we found ours at Lowes maybe and it’s so fun to use. Tiring, yes, but it’s fun to just get in there and start tilling. I’m sure tilling a garden bigger than 8 foot by 4 foot would be crazy, but it works for us right now. We went this route because our tiller actually broke.

This is the till that we have and I love it.

8 Gardening

Next year we’re talking about doing a Back to Eden style garden. There’s no tilling, no watering and no need to weed your garden with this method.

Can you believe it? Yeah, us either, but we’ve heard great things about it.

Gardening is like water purification – it’s necessary if you want to live and don’t have a way to get food. Might as well learn how to grow your own food and not depend on anyone else.

9 Caring for Animals

Didn’t think this was one of those skills you can learn on YouTube? Yeah, we didn’t either. I didn’t know until that friend of mine sent me those videos.

They were different YouTube channels of homesteaders, off-the-grid kind of folks and even one that shows you “vintage” skills. This was super great for us because even though we knew how to care for horses and chickens there were other animals we weren’t sure about.

When we have our own land and are able to purchase goats and sheep I’ll be visiting these channels to learn more.

Homesteading Skills You Can Learn On YouTube

10 Making Cheese

Probably not an imperative skill you must learn, but if love cheese like our family does then it is a necessity! I read that this was one of those skills you can learn on YouTube and set out to look. It was actually on a few channels I follow so that made me happy.

I found that there were different recipes on a few channels I follow so that made me happy. Might as well learn how to make different kinds of cheese rather than just cheddar ;).

11 Making Bread

I learned this one from my grandmother, but it’s also something you can find on YouTube. There are many food bloggers that make videos for their posts and you can typically find them with a quick search. You’ll be able to learn many different ways to make bread.

Anything from rolls, biscuits, English muffins, and sandwich bread. I’m sure there are countless more recipes on there, but that’s all I’ve searched for lately.

12 Spinning Yarn

Eeek! I inherited a spinning wheel from my grandmother and was in awe of it for so long. It looked like the most complicated piece of wooden machinery I’d ever seen. The very thought brought visions of the old west to my mind (don’t ask me why) and made me smile with happiness.

However, I have still yet to try spinning yarn. I’m a bit intimidated by my spinning wheel, and I’m nervous I’ll break it and not have that heirloom left. Which is why I’m contemplating buying a used one that’s a little newer. That way if it breaks for some odd reason it won’t be something my grandmother gave me, and I likely won’t be as upset.

Still on the hunt for a wheel and for a supplier of good wool to spin.

Homesteading Skills You Can Learn On YouTube

13 Weaving on a Loom

Another one that intimidates me when I think about it. I actually get a vision of that movie Wanted with Angelina Jolie. There is a huge weaving loom that supposedly writes out the names of people that have to be killed or something bad will happen.

Ok, no I’m not thinking my loom will spell out someone’s name, but the monstrosity of that loom on the show makes it intimidating.

Also, they look pretty complex and time-consuming. But, I am determined to learn because, after all, I enjoy wearing clothes.

14 Tanning Hides

This is another one on my list of skills to learn. Yes, it is one of those skills you can learn on YouTube believe it or not. And, it isn’t tooooo terribly hard by the looks of it.

I haven’t tried it yet, but I fully intend to tan every hide we get this year. We’re hunters, so I’m hoping to get at least 5-6 hides we can tan this year and I can use to make moccasins out of for my kids and for my Etsy shop (it’s in the making).

The top YouTube Channels we keep up with and any homesteader should follow:

  1. Guildbrook Farm | Simple Sustainable Living
  2. Dirtpatchheaven
  3. Townsends
  4. Starry Hilder Off Grid Homestead
  5. Appalachia’s Homestead with Patara
  6. Big Family Homestead
  8. How to Sew a Dress From Scratch (this is just for sewing a dress, but the method can likely be used for sewing other things without a pattern)
  9. Weaving on a Loom (very quick video, and you can find many, many more videos)


Homesteading Skills You Can Learn On YouTube

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