How to Find An RV Site for Long-Term Living

When we decided to camp out in our RV camper before moving for my husband’s new job, we didn’t think we’d be in it full-time long-term. We initially thought we’d live in the RV for a few months (no more than 6 months) before finding an apartment or house to rent. But, one and a half years later we’re still here. We found an RV site for long-term living that we just love to pieces.

image of an RV on a hill in a campground

Thankfully, it also happens to be about 3 miles from my husband’s workplace. We didn’t have any intention of living on a military post, but this option beat the rest of the others out of the water by a long shot. With that being said, we didn’t exactly have a list of “what we want from an RV spot” listed out before searching.

My husband’s job came open, he filled it and we had to move the RV 3 hours south of our home in a matter of two months. We had to make some quick decisions, but if we end up doing it all over again there are a few things we’d look for first.

How to Find An RV Site for Long-Term Living

Finding the perfect place to set up your RV for long-term living can be a little hard. Not impossible, or others wouldn’t be living this lifestyle, but there are some things that you might want to consider.

I am building a business out of our RV and needed a good connection to the internet. That was something we didn’t exactly look for when we decided to stay on this military installation. Thankfully we were able to upgrade to unlimited data with AT&T and it’s been working fairly good.

The best things about this site are that it’s fairly secluded from the military aspect of the post, and it’s right by a lake. We walk down the road about 2-3 minutes and the lake is right there. My kids love to go fishing with their dad on beautiful sunny days.

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But, if we had to find a space to live all over again, here’s a few questions we would ask ourselves first:

#1 Where are we wanting to live?
#2 Do we want to live in the city, near the city or in the country? (for us country is always the top choice)
#3 What activities are near the area?
#4 Exactly how far are we from home?
#5 What kind of grocery store options are near us?
#6 Is there full hook up?
#7 Is it kid friendly?
#8 Is it pet-friendly?
#9 Is there wi-fi or good data coverage?

Most of these we knew the answer to prior to parking our RV, but we didn’t consider living here long-term until we’d been here a while.

While we’re not far from town it’s still a pain to drive 30 minutes to town to grocery shop once a week. We try to plan our grocery days on Farmer’s Market day, but then sometimes we fail that. Typically, the week my husband gets paid we go to the Farmer’s Market on Thursday and then grocery shopping on Saturday.

Where to Find an RV Site For Long-Term Living

The first obvious choice would be either a campground or RV park, but those aren’t always the greatest (in our experience). We visited a few around here and they were kind of funky and didn’t feel really safe enough for the kids. There were a few that weren’t pet-friendly either.

Top Places I’d Look:

#1 Google

By simply Googling RV parks or campgrounds you can find quite a few places to check out. This was how we found all of the places that we visited. We found one place we stayed for about two weeks that was just stunning, but it was 45 minutes from where my husband worked and that killed the option. Thankfully the campground we’re at now is just as pretty.

#2 Craigslist

You can find all sorts of things on Craigslist. Look for people that have spaces on their land that you can use to park your RV. If you can’t find anything then it might be worth a shot to post something saying you’re looking for a spot to rent. List out what you’re looking for.

You never know when someone might take you up on your offer!

#3 FB Groups

If you can find a group on FB that is for the community you’re wanting to live in then click to join. Once you’re approved you can ask questions about the best places to park your RV or even find someone that has hook-ups at their place.

We have a community group for our area here and for back home. It’s pretty neat.

#4 Ask in the community

If there is a Farmer’s Market in your area that would be a great place to connect with others. Strike up conversations and see if they know of any places in town that have great RV sites that allow long-term living. If they don’t know of any their friend’s might and you never know when you might find a perfect space.

#5 When all else fails, Pinterest

Believe it or not, but you can probably find a million resources on Pinterest for finding places to park your RV for long-term living. I’ve seen quite a few posts flying around that talk about the best places to visit if you’re living full-time in your RV. I’m sure most of the places that are listed allow long-term visitors as well.

Why Long-Term and Not Short-Term?

For many, the idea of traveling all over isn’t the most appealing. Ok, that might be a lie actually.

But, the reality is that some folks might want to stay put for longer than 2-3 weeks at a time. Or, maybe they downsized to an RV or tiny home to cut costs and enjoy a closer relationship while saving money or even while building a business.

Traveling full-time isn’t a reality for us right now. My business isn’t to the point where it can sustain us yet, but it is a definite desire for the future. Once it is to that point we may travel, but I really doubt we’d travel full-time. We’re pretty much homebodies and enjoy being on our own land growing food, raising animals and just being with family.

Our RV life will be transitioned to tiny home life at that point. But, for now, long-term RV living with kids is working for us.

Are you living in an RV full-time in a long-term spot? I’d love to hear how you like it!


two images; one of an rv at a campsite and the other of a boy raking leaves

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20 Replies to “How to Find An RV Site for Long-Term Living”

  1. I am a single woman living in an rv. Love it. Live perminately on nephews chicken farm.full hookup in the country. Downsizing was only problem.

    1. Hi Shirley,
      Downsizing is definitely killer. We can still downsize more, but we’re doing it a little slower now. It’s amazing that you were able to find a permanent spot with full hookups! And, how lovely that it’s on your nephew’s farm :). Are you enjoying it there?


  2. Good morning. I found your article interesting and enjoyable. My husband and I have been downsizing for a year niw and will continue till his retirement comes in ( 5-8 months). We are military and looking to live full time. We just nnought a toy hauler. Hubby wont part with bike. Lol. What base are you staying on right now?
    Thanks for the information.

    1. Hi Leesa! Thanks for stopping by! Downsizing is the most time-consuming part we’ve found. But, it’s so worth it in the end. We have looked at many toy haulers and still do sometimes. We might cave eventually. Haha.

      Currently, we’re at Camp Shelby in Mississippi. It’s not an active duty base even though there is active military here. I’m pretty sure that Kessler down on the coast has a campground also. Will you guys travel the country or are you looking to find a stationary spot to stay?

      Have a wonderful week!

        1. Hi Faith!

          Here’s a great site:

          You can see most of the campgrounds on military installations. I’m not sure how updated it is, but I found information about where we are from this site.

          Here’s another site I found:

          Generally, there’s a number you would call. Each installation is different about who runs the campground. Ours has switched offices since we’ve been here. Typically, if you find the campground there will be a campground host and they would have all the information you need as far as who’s in charge of the campground and where you would need to go to pay or find out any information.

          I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions!

          1. Hi Twylla,
            Sadly, yes you have to either be military, a veteran, or retired military in order to use the campgrounds on military installations.

      1. We are looking to full time rv-ing… working industrial construction traveling from site to site.. with long-term jobs (6 months or more at a job). But it seems you are in an area from where I grew up. We are currently in Iowa but will be heading to sw Louisiana soon.
        I miss all the hospitality. I wanted to tell you about a quaint little store/restaurant you should visit if you haven’t already. Fulmer’s General Store, the address is listed as Beaumont but you can find shorter route through New Augusta, (find them on Facebook great family. It’s situated in a pecan orchard and in the fall they host a festival with all sorts of vendors, craft and pageants. Great for family time.

  3. We had to move out of a nice 3 bedroom rental house in the Phoenix, AZ area. We thought about buying, but, instead we bought a 27″ travel trailer and found a long term place near by. We had a lot of anxiety about downsizing, but after moving our family of 3 (our son was in Jr High) we loved it! The park was dog friendly and even let us build raised beds for a garden. They had a community pool and clubhouse. Not so many kids, but, it was just blocks from a big park that also had a big off leash dog portion. Then my dad got sick back in Oregon so we just picked up and moved to my parents driveway to help out! So almost 6 years now fulltime and no regrets! I got to go back to nursing school and my son graduates in just a few weeks.

    1. That sounds so amazing Rebecca! You’re lucky to find a place to allow raised bed gardens! We have to use pots here. We can’t build anything that’s even remotely semi or partially permanent. If we can’t pick it up easily it’s a no-go. Container gardening isn’t bad though. I can’t complain too much. We’re 3 miles from my husband’s job so it’s definitely nice. And a major congrats to your son for his graduation! that must be so exciting! Are you a traveling nurse?

    1. Hey, thanks for stopping by! What are you looking for in Minnesota? Maybe I can help you find it 🙂


  4. Try looking at mobile home parks. They often have empty spots that RVs will fit in. Yes if a mobile home wants your space they usually get there choice. But in the mean time it can be much cheaper than an RV park. Speaking from experience.

    1. That’s a great idea! For us, in particular, it would like not be cheaper since our water and electricity is included, but for others where it’s not included, I would totally agree! I’ll add that to my post when I update it 🙂

      Thanks so much for another idea!

  5. I retired January 31, 2017. In a house, but am really thinking about living in an RV. I know exactly which one I want. I want to live in the country, but so many RV parks don’t look country enough. My biggest problem is trying to decide what to do. I still haven’t started clearing out and throwing away – which I wanted to do years ago. Just how do I start deciding without becoming totally depressed.

    1. Hey Linda!
      Congrats on retiring! RV living is really amazing. We certainly love it right now.

      With regards to wanting a spot in the country… I think it depends on where you live mostly. We live in Mississippi and I’m not sure you can get more country than that haha. I think it also depends on if you’re open to moving away from where you are. I would definitely do some thorough research and even check out Pinterest for some other folks that travel to see places they’ve been.

      When it comes to clearing things out, if you don’t have a deadline, the best thing to do is start with one section of your house at a time and start pairing down. Be really honest with yourself how much you use an item and if it doesn’t meet a minimum standard of like past 3 months then it gets sold/given away/tossed. If you’re not planning to stay in your RV forever, you can think about putting things in a storage unite. I know many families do that so they’re not selling everything and then starting all over when they decide to get a home again.

      Be gentle with yourself though. It takes a lot of work to pare down what you own to be able to fit in an RV. Most RV’s now have a lot of storage space though. Maybe take a trip to your local RV sales place and see just how much room you might have to play with! That might spark some ideas for you 🙂

      I hope this helps!

  6. Brianna, you sound like an amazing lady. I read all the questions and your answers. Your responses to me seem so sincere and very helpful to each individual situation. My name is Lenora, I recently purchased a 26′ travel trailer and my plan is to live in it full time. I have property in Nacogdoches TX but it is not set up with Septic or electric yet. I am disabled and have a small fixed monthly income. Recently my daughter moved to Austin so now both my daughter s live in Austin with my 4 grandchildren. I now am thinking I should find a place in Austin. I really preferred to purchase a lot but have had no luck in finding one I could afford. I want to be able to build a storage building and a garden etc etc I wasn’t looking in Austin itself prefer the outskirts towns. I love it in the country. That’s where my property is now. I’m really torn because I know both of my daughter s could use my help and I don’t like the 4-5 hour drive to see them. If I could find a nice place where the monthly rent was very reasonable I might consider putting my trailer in a park. So my question to you is do you happen to know of any long term parks with very reasonable rates in the surrounding towns around Austin tx. Maybe even any lots for sale in the same area. Possibly you know of some or can lead me in the right direction to find something that would work for me. It’s my first time to own and live in an RV full time. I’m very excited and can relate to a lot of the people who had worries in regards to downsizing. I will be doing that myself. And like one lady said I also have troubles letting go of some things but I’m going to do it. Thank you so much for any information you may be able to pass on to me. Have an awesome day!!!

    1. Hi Lenora,

      I don’t know of parks in or around Austin, TX. I’m sorry. I would try googling RV Campgrounds in Austin TX to see what you come up with. I don’t know anyone in TX I could ask either.

      I hope you find something!


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