5 More Ways to Make Money From Home

5 More Ways to Make Money From Home

If you’re like me, you’re probably always trying to find more ways to make money from home. It doesn’t have to be bringing in 100k a month (yet), but bringing in a little extra goes a long way to help.

Did you miss the first iteration of this where I listed 7 ways to work from home virtually and make an income? Check it out here if you missed it!

5 More Ways to Make Money From Home!

Working from home doesn’t have to be hell and it doesn’t have to be hard.

You don’t have to work for pennies either. It’s not fun and your time is worth more, so it’s always best to think of things that will both make you happy and be worth your time. For instance, sometimes it might seem awesome that you can post a gig on Fiverr and get work, but then you’re fighting others for jobs that would pay less than $5 an hour (which to them is awesome).

So, be careful what you choose as ways to make money from home!

I realized there was one important thing I left off of my last post and it hit me like a sack of potatoes that I didn’t include it. Then, not 10 minutes later, another hit me and I thought to myself, “why didn’t you think of these then… they’re kinda obvious!”

Needless to say, that’s basically what prompted this post.

Here are 5 More Ways To Make Money From Home (not get rich quick mind you)

First Way: Blogging!!!! (the one that hit me)

Why this wasn’t the number one way on my first post about how to make money from home is beyond me, but here it is!

You can make a living from blogging. Want an example? Check out Michelle from Making Sense of Cents and Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing. This woman now makes over $100k from her blog =O! I’m astounded every time I read her monthly report.

She is someone I look up to as far as blogging and making an income goes. My goal isn’t really that large. At least right now it isn’t. I’d love to retire my husband from his job, but I’m not solely going to rely on blogging for that. I’ll be building this blog up so that it can take the main stage and my Virtual Work can slow down.

Ultimately, I want to blog, create leather crafts (bags, spur straps, reins, saddles –when I learn– and much more), and tend the land we are going to buy.

Imagine if blogging could allow you to do the things you love too!

Second Way: Amazon FBA

Did you know you can source products, ship them to an Amazon warehouse AND then list them on Amazon to be sold BY Amazon? Oh, and to top it all off, Amazon does all the heavy lifting with shipping the products, customer service, and refund stuff?

There is an awesome course my husband and I will be taking called Amazon Bootcamp>> you can find it right here.

In the course, The Selling Family will teach you the art of Retail Arbitrage (buying low/selling high) and how using Amazon FBA can help you replace your current income.

Sounds pretty cool huh? We thought so too! Not only can you make money from home doing this, but you can do it with your family too. If your “home” happens to be on wheels you can find all sorts of things from all over to include in your inventory.

Third Way: Affiliate Marketing (another one that hit me)

This one can go hand-in-hand with blogging, but you can also do it outside of blogging!

Fourth Way: Dropshipping

This one is pretty cool! You don’t need to have your own store that holds inventory. Instead, you can open a Shopify Store and make money from home by drop shipping items all over the world!

You don’t hold inventory and you don’t deal with shipping a million items a month. You are basically the middleman.

Fifth Way: Facebook Group Manager/Moderator

With the craze of Facebook Groups there comes a need for Facebook Group Moderators. Sometimes it starts as a volunteer thing and sometimes it’s paid. It really depends on who you contact and what group you’re wanting to moderate.

More and more often now Facebook Groups and communities are getting built up to the point where people just need help moderating them and keeping them “safe” from all the a** hats that might try to rain on someone’s good parade.

This is generally not a lot of pay, but it’s also not a lot of hours. To top it off, you’ll get paid to do things you normally do anyway… Be on Facebook! Can’t beat that with a stick if you ask me.

There you have it! More ways to make money while staying home with your kids (or furbabies).

We’re getting all cracked up over here at Momma Works Too. If you have anything you’d like us to focus on in our articles please leave me a note in the comments or you can email me here.

I can’t wait to share more goodies with you all so that you can start making money from home to help out around the house, earn extra fun money or potentially help replace income in your house.

The sky is the limit!

Things I Recommend:


I use Tailwind to schedule out all my pins for the month. It takes a few minutes to get them all scheduled and I’m done. In the dashboard, you create the schedule of how many pins you want it to pin each day and then you can source them from Pinterest or even websites to save and schedule. I’m creating a How-To post for Tailwind soon (maybe next week) so keep checking back.


I use BoardBooster mostly right now for its pin looping capabilities. It’s amazing in that it will take one (or more) of your boards and “loop” your pins from oldest to newest and then delete the one that’s not performing the best. I’ll be playing with this in the future and detail my strategy so you can copy it.


I tried to stay away from ConvertKit because Mailchimp is free and they just added in autoresponders, but ConvertKit is THAT much easier and better in my opinion. Again, I’ll be writing a blog on this soon. But, in short, you can email your entire list at one time vs creating multiple campaigns for different lists. They make segmenting and tagging a breeze. And, they make using content upgrades a no-brainer!

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing:

The best affiliate marketing training on the “market”. Michelle knows her stuff and has been doing this since like 2010. She grew her Aff marketing income to well over $50k per month and it keeps growing too. Check out her course and be sure to sign up for my email list below. I’ll be sending out discounts to my list that you might otherwise miss.

Have you found other ways you can make money from home? Let us know in the comments!

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2 Replies to “5 More Ways to Make Money From Home”

  1. Do you pay to advertise your Facebook group page by chance to get more followers? I’m still confused how people build thousands of Facebook fans and Facebook group members without shelling out one dime in advertising.. I’m also struggling with building up followers one instant ramp. Do you have any helpful pointers for this by chance because I’m trying to make a full-time living working from home. I see your blog Momma Works Too transitioning among the top blogging elite in the next 2 to 3 years. I’m following you currently on Pinterest just in case you’re wondering how I found you. My profile on Pinterest is drewry_nyc.

    Hope to talk to you soon and possibly have an online interview with you in the near future. 🙂

    1. Hey there! Thanks for stoping by :). So, some people will run ads to their Facebook page or Facebook group while others will do something along the lines of doing giveaways and having the members share about the group for a chance to win. Another way is to include a link in all of your welcome emails for your email list or creating a post that talks about your Facebook group. There are tons of way to advertise a group/page without shelling out tons of money 😉 you just have to be a bit creative.

      When you said “one instant ramp” were you meaning Instagram? If so, I would check out Alex Tooby (you can find her here mommaworkstoo.com/alex-tooby). She has one of the best Instagram courses I’ve taken.

      Chat soon!

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