30+ Must Have Items for Homestead Beginners

I’ve been on the lookout for things to add to my collection. Things that would make homesteading easier and less like I’m pioneering my way through. Which, don’t get me wrong, pioneering isn’t bad or anything. I would just like to have some modern items that homestead beginners might need. So, I set out to create a list of homestead items that someone new to homesteading might want to know.

You know like a mixer, dehydrator, pressure canner… things like that.

30+ Must Have Items for Homestead Beginners

I’m sure I could go the old-fashioned route and find a way to dehydrate anything I needed with a wood stove of sorts. Or use regular water bath canning for certain items and then ferment the rest. But, sometimes a pressure cooker lets you preserve things a lot longer to keep you from running out of yummy foods.

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30+ Must Have Items for Homestead Beginners

Ever since we started trying to crack down on our budget, we realized that anything we purchased needed to have a specific role in our lives. Meaning, it had to work to pay for itself rather than sit and collect dust. This also meant that what wasn’t being used needed to find a new home.

Either before starting to homestead or in the beginning you should take a look at everything in your home. See if you use it on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis. If you need to pair down start chunking things you never use.

It’s easy to get attached to things, believe me I know.

But, trimming what you have down to the necessities is the best thing homestead beginners can do. It lets you start fresh, and with exactly what you’ll need and use. Plus, if you sell off your extras it gives you a little extra spending cash for whatever items you still need to get.


Alrighty, on to our list of must-have items for homesteaded beginners!

30+ Must Have Items for Homestead Beginners

**Kitchen must haves**

1. Bread Machine

Bread machines are extremely easy to use and amazing to have on hand. This is the one that I have and I love it! But, they aren’t completely necessary and you can make bread without a bread machine. They’re just handy if you like to plop the ingredients in and go.

2. Digital/Analog Scale

This is a super big must! I encourage all homestead beginners to grab an analog scale, but a digital is fine. We have both actually. Analog is an emergency must have in case of a power outage ever goes out and you need to measure things out.

Some recipes are quite finicky so having something that will measure is really helpful.

3. Glass Bowls

Plastic can be a big no-no if you’re not buying the BPA free version. So, go ahead and do yourself a favor and get glass everything if you can. It’s way healthier for your family and lasts longer without warping.

If you need something for children check out these adorable bowls. They’re silicone and very kid friendly.

4. All the Mason Jars

Confession time, I don’t use mason jars for only canning or food storage. I mean, come on, who doesn’t like to drink their ice cold tea from a mason jar?

No? Just me? Maybe only in the South?

We love mason jars around here and are slowly amassing a good size stock too. Hopefully, one day we’ll have enough -_-.

30+ Must Have Items for Homestead Beginners

5. Pressure Canner

These can be used in multiple ways. You can use it as a pressure cooker, pressure canner or a water bath canner  (without the top). This is also one that doesn’t need electricity and can be used off-grid or if your power is out. Win-Win situation.

6. Dehydrator

Having a dehydrator is great for saving foods when you’re not wanting to can them. This is especially great for making dried fruits to use in things like oatmeal or baking. A dehydrator can also be used for drying herbs and plants.

Super handy.

7. Crock Pot (if you want one separate from an InstaPot)

If you don’t have an InstaPot, and instead just want to own a crock pot that is totally fine. We actually have both right now. I haven’t decided if we’ll sell one or the other yet. They’re both very useful items, and you may find you want both too.

8. Blender

You don’t need a super fancy professional/high-grade blender, but they’re useful if you’re blending something tough. We have a this Vitamix and also this Ninja. I use the Ninja for smoothies and the Vitamix for things like hummus, peanut butter or soups.

9. Freezer Paper/Butcher Paper

Not overly important, but if you’re trying to kick plastic (and we are) then it’s a must. I have it listed here as a “must have” because we’re ditching plastic as much as we can and that means also ditching plastic baggies.

10. Good Knives

You can’t beat a good knife! Make sure you’re investing wisely in this because one investment can last a lifetime or be the difference in needing to buy another. I’m all about investing once for a good knife that will last.

30+ Must Have Items for Homestead Beginners

11. Canning Kit

Probably not absolutely, “you’ll die without it” necessary, but it’s completely worth it. This is helpful in every part of the canning process and makes your life easier. Just do yourself a favor and invest at the beginning. 🙂

For more homestead kitchen items check out our post Top RV Homestead Kitchen Items

**Household and General Must Haves**

12. Oil Lamps & Oil

Make sure you’re stocking up on your emergency equipment. Depending on how big your house is I would have roughly 5-10 lamps and a good stock of oil. This is really helpful if a storm hits your area and knocks out your lights.

30+ Must Have Items for Homestead Beginners

13. Sewing Machine

You can always hand stitch clothes if you’re savvy, but having a sewing machine is extremely helpful. This comes in handy when you’re needing to make or mend clothes.

14. Good Hat

If you’re gardening then having a good wide-brimmed hat is necessary. This will keep the sun off your face and neck. Getting badly burned is not fun and it’s preventable.

15. Knitting Needles/Crochet Needles

These will help you become more self-sufficient and allow you to create clothes, mittens or hats. You can also make blankets that will come in handy during winter or colder months.

16. Quilting Supplies

Also good for blanket making. Never buy another blanket again when you can make your own. With these supplies, you can also create a little income for your family.

17. Twine/String

Having twine and/or string on hand is great for tying up plants that are falling and need some extra support. It’s also handy if you need to tie things together. You’d be surprised at all the things you’ll need to use string for.

18. Weather Radio

When the power goes out it’s always good to have a battery-powered or hand crank weather radio on hand. This will help you know if the weather is going to get any worse for your area.

19. First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is something you can either purchase pre-packaged or you can create your own. We like having one we’ve made on hand. This gives us the ability to put things we typically use inside of it and keep out any unnecessary items.

20. Hammer

You’ll need one of these eventually, so it’s best to have one or two on hand at all times.

21. Countersinking Screws

These are pretty much the only type of screws we use around here unless we use sheetrock screws. These are what we use for all of our projects around the house because they are really amazing at staying put.

22. Screwdrivers

Just like #24, you’ll need a few of these on hand. Preferably one of each type because this will save you from not having the right type of screwdriver if you need it.

30+ Must Have Items for Homestead Beginners

23. Hand tools

Don’t worry about the power going out and not having tools to fix or build things. You should keep a few hand tools around so if you ever lose power, or are going off grid you won’t be stuck without tools.

24. Electric tools (screw gun, saws, etc)

This will save you countless hours and frustration. And, that’s why it’s made our life of must-haves for homestead beginners. I can’t tell you how glad I am that my husband has power tools around the house for times when I need them.

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25. Wire Cutters

Wire cutters come in handy for multiple things but needing to fix fencing or snip wires for electrical work is easier when you have the right tools.

26. Measuring Tape

If you’re building anything around your house you’ll need a measuring tape. It doesn’t have to be the fanciest or most expensive out there, so just grab something that will work.

27. Level

There’s nothing worse than a crooked shelf or crooked fence post. Might as well grab yourself a level to keep in your tool shed. You will need it eventually.

28. Pliers

Needle nose and adjustable (slip joint) pliers are always good to have on hand. We’ve had to use them on our hoses quite a few times when attachments were a little too tight (or you’re just like me and don’t have enough elbow grease yet).

29. Gas Can(s)

Running out of gas sucks when you’re trying to do something like mowing your yard or using a weedeater or even your chainsaw. We keep a couple on hand. Some are straight gas, some are a gas/oil mix, and some are diesel.

30. Shovels and Rakes

If you’re gardening, keeping animals or planting plants you’ll need a shovel. We have quite a few around here. The ones I recommend are a round shovel, a square shovel, and a manure scoop. They all have their uses and are beneficial to have on hand.

As far as having rakes go we have a wide plastic rake for leaves and a metal one for gardening.

31. Composting Bin

You can easily make this, so don’t buy the top of the line model you see advertised. Check Pinterest for different ideas on composting before you go out and buy supplies. They’re not hard to make and are a must-have for any homestead beginners just starting out.

It will provide awesome nutrients for your garden and flower beds.

32. PVC Cutter

PVC pipe can be used for a myriad amount of projects around the homestead. I’d invest in a good PVC pipe cutter if I was a new homesteader too. This one cuts up to 1 5/8″ but you may be able to consult your local store also.

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33. Hose

Hoses are the lifeline around here. We have animals and a garden we tend to on a daily basis (the animals are more “daily” than the garden). Having a few on hand is really handy, especially if one busts. To prevent busted hoses you may want to dish out a little more cash than you’re used to on a hose.

I promise buying a really good hose is worth it. A $60-$80 hose bought once beats a $20 hose bought countless times due to busting.

34. Wax for Candle Making

Like the oil lanterns, having candles is always a great idea. And, knowing how to make candles is even better. If you have a beehive or know someone that does, getting the comb to make your own wax is great. This is also something that you can do for extra money on the homestead.

You can call them emergency candles and sell them to your family or other homestead beginners in your area. Also, if the demand isn’t that great in your area you can always sell them online in some prepper forums or Facebook groups.

30+ Must Have Items for Homestead Beginners

35. Gun

Pest control and animal protection is a part of life when you’re a homesteader, so having a gun is necessary. You may not like the idea of owning a gun, but when it comes to protecting your crops and animals it is good to have. It’s also good to have in case you ever need to hunt for your own food.

Mull it over and think about it if you’re not really a gun fanatic.

36. Compound and/or Recurve Bow

And, if you can’t bring yourself to own a gun, or you want something a little different, you can buy a bow and some arrows. We’re avid hunters so we have all of these. My husband and I both have rifles and we both have a compound and recurve bows. As homestead beginners, we already had this one covered ourselves.

I actually have a compound bow, recurve and a crossbow. I’m a little on the spoiled side :).

Edit: Adding to Items for Homestead Beginners

37. Hand Held Pruners

Great for trimming shrubs and trees around your yard. We actually use them on the trees around the RV pad where we’re staying to keep limbs from extending too far towards our camper.

38. WD-40

While it can be a bit smelly and get everywhere, this is super helpful in killing squeaky items or helping to loosen tight bolts or nuts. Can’t go wrong with a few cans of WD-40 or PB B’laster.

39. Bread Pan

Stop buying loaf bread at the store and get a nice loaf pan and make it at home. You’ll get rid of all the nasty additives and you can pick which type of flour you’re wanting to use.

40. Food Processor

I love my food processor. It’s great for all sorts of things. I typically use it for making hummus or any sorts of pastes and nut butter. But, you can make potato slices, cucumber slices, you can dice onions and so much more.

41. Wood Stove

If you’re wanting to cut down on the electricity that you use, then using a wood stove is a great alternative to heating your house in the winter. Some of them come with an additional piece you can put on it to blow the heat out to the rooms.

What are you missing?

After reading through the list see how many you have on hand right now. Do you have them all?

Do you have them all? Maybe most of them?

Some people might not ever end up with all the items on this list and that doesn’t mean they’re wrong and I’m right. Or that they’re right and I’m wrong. Just means we’re different.

These are the things that I think are imperative to have on hand for homestead beginners. They’ll make life easier and you’ll get to enjoy things a little more than if you didn’t have them.

I’d love to know your favorites and must have items.

30+ Must Have Items for Homestead Beginners

Did you notice something I missed that would be good for homestead beginners? Share it in the comments below!

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12 Replies to “30+ Must Have Items for Homestead Beginners”

    1. I’ll update the list and add some! Thanks for suggesting those as it didn’t cross my mind when writing this even though I’ve told my husband we need some too -_-


  1. Great list…I started my list awhile back…Wire cutters, pliers of different sizes-including needle nose to reach tight places, gas can, water canisters–in case of pump failure–or just for everyday use, a hand held jigsaw can do so many things, hand held pruners for the garden, WD -40.

    1. Ooo those are some good additions. Especially WD-40. We use something called PB Blaster that’s similar to WD-40.

  2. If you’re truly looking to cut down on “things,” look for tools/gadgets that are multi-taskers rather than those that can only do one thing. For example, my pressure canner (not an InstaPot) also works as a pressure cooker and a waterbath canner. ONE big pot rather than THREE. I also sold my bread machine at my last yard sale. I decided making one loaf of bread at a time was a waste of time, when I can make four loaves by hand by investing less than a half hour more in hands-on time. The only true unitasker I have in my kitchen is my apple peeler/corer/slicer; however, it cuts my apple processing time to 1/4 what it would be if I had to do all of it by hand (most years I do 100+ pounds of apples). 🙂

    Happy Homesteading!

    1. Wow that’s a lot of apples! But awesome. I have a apple peeler/corer/slicer… but it’s more a spiralizer type thing.

      In regards to multitasking objects, I have an InstaPot, but I’m going to be investing in a good pressure canner soon. What brand do you have that you use?

  3. Great list! I would add a food processor. Great for slicing and dicing while cooking, preserving and dehydrating.
    Also, a wheelbarrow is a must have.

    1. That is definitely on my list! We want a food processor and also a food saver (not exactly non-electrical, but they’re still pretty handy).

      A wheelbarrow is something we actually haven’t really had around our house. We had a small trailer that is pulled behind our 4-wheeler or lawn mower. It’s been quite handy over the past few years.

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