Rainy Day RV Activities for Kids

A lot of times people don’t realize just how entertained kids can be when you live full-time in an RV. Not only can you do activities inside, but you can do activities outside. But, what if it’s raining? Well, we found some raining day RV activities for kids (adults can do these too)!

In the article before this one, I talked about the different ways kids can have fun in an RV. This one I’m going to focus on rainy day activities. There are quite a few things you can do to entertain kids really. Search Pinterest and you’ll get an entire vault of ideas!

Rainy Day RV Activities for Kids

#1 Learning to Write the Alphabet with Cotton Swab Painting

Are your kid(s) at the age where they’re starting to write or needing to get better at writing? Check out this activity! You can grab some craft paper, paint, and cotton swabs for a lot of fun. You’ll need to write out some things for them to trace and then set up their painting station.

It can be hours of fun if it’s done right.

You can also do this with pictures too. You can print out or draw out some pictures for them to paint with cotton swabs. Call it a new spin on coloring!

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#2 Firework Salt Painting

This looked so fun. Is July or New Years coming up? This activity is great for lessons and just for fun.

You can teach kids about the history of how New Year’s started and where the Fourth of July came from. I love activities that can be doubled as a lesson too. I can always reuse them later or keep them for fun.

Not to mention, what kid wouldn’t enjoy this?

#3 Dragons Love Tacos Crafts

This little craft idea is fun and creative. Teach your kids about the letter T and have fun at the same time. Our kids love dragons so this is perfect for teaching and playing games at the same time.

My daughter will stomp around the RV rawring at us while she pretends to be a dragon. It gets worse when my son grabs his sword and decides to charge after her. ?‍♀️ I have to put a stop to that quick.

Thankfully, this little craft game here will get them sitting down.

#4 Yarn Wrapped Cardboard Letters

You can use this as a craft and a decoration fun activity all wrapped in one. Tell your kids that you’re going to hang their artwork in the house or in their room.

They’ll get all into it knowing their crafts will be visible all throughout the house for others to see.

My kids love creating things to be hung on the refrigerator. So, this is a good way to get things that can decorate the walls. I might be tempted to actually get them to wrap some cardboard that’s cut out in moon phases and then hang it on some string! Note to self: Go get cardboard now.

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#5 Watermelon Seed Matching Game

I have been looking and looking for a neat way to work on math with my son and this seems like it’s perfect! For this, either you can cut out the cardboard or maybe let them try it. Then y’all can paint the watermelon halves together.

My kids love to paint and I try to let them be artistic, so this would be really fun for them. But, you can always create these ahead of time and let them play and match as you go.

Be advised, if you have kids that are fussy around sharing (yes, I know kids should learn to share) then you might want to make two sets.

#6 Kids Can Burn Off Steam with These YouTube Channels

There are tons of YouTube channels out there that are dedicated especially for kids. In this post, though it talks about different channels that are great for helping kids burn off steam. When you live in an RV, things like this are amazing.

Anything that can help the kids burn off steam and keep them active is a definite plus! RV activities for kids found on YouTube are some of my favorites. I get to either cuddle on the couch or watch them dance around like crazy people.

#7 DIY Dreamcatchers

I work with leather, feathers, and stones making leather medicine bags, so this makes me happy. I love getting to do crafts like this with the kids.

You don’t need to use leather or get super fancy with it. This post here shows how you can do it with yarn and other things you might have laying around the house.

Let the kids get creative. I like seeing what all they come up with. Their minds are so amazing when it comes to creating things. I wish I had half my kids imaginations sometimes.

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#8 Taco Bar Dramatic Play for Kids

Dramatic Play Taco Bar is a spin-off of Dragons Love Tacos. Only with this activity, you’re actually creating tacos for the dragon to eat.

I can’t wait to go to the store and get craft supplies for this little activity. I am creating an area under my daughter’s bed where I’m going to keep our craft supplies stashed so that we can pull them out as we need. Then we won’t be cluttering up the RV with all these supplies.

#9 Pom Pom Star Shooter

Once you create these you can have an all-out war in your home. Hide behind your makeshift barriers and play a game of who can hit who the most.

My husband loves this idea because we have some foam balls that would work great with this idea. He’s already made plans for this to be an outdoor activity too.

Don’t forget to pin this for later!

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