Top RV Homestead Kitchen Items You Need

Living in an RV or Camper causes you to think outside the box when it comes to kitchen items. Since a lot of people are thinking about ditching their 1500+ square foot homes for the tiny life I thought this post might be nice. I am going to go over some of my favorite RV homestead kitchen items and the ones that are on our wishlist.

Some of the items on our RV homestead kitchen list are also in this post here, but I’ll likely be re-writing that post. I plan to do that really soon with updated content and am going to point the kitchen section to this post.

Because everyone has a wishlist right?

image collage of veggies and fruits

When we first decided to live in an RV rather than renting a house or apartment in town it wasn’t an easy decision. The kids were used to having tons of land to run on and were able to be crazy. Yet, here we were about to confine them in less than 300 square feet of a home.

Thankfully, one of the RV parks we found was situated 3 miles from where my husband worked and it was secluded. I didn’t realize that military installations had campgrounds, much less a place to put an RV. This place has been a big blessing for us the past year and a half. We’re surrounded by trees and we’re a short walk from a pretty good sized lake too.

What doesn’t get made in the kitchen of our RV likely gets cooked on the grill or over the campfire (hello you gorgeous Dutch oven!).

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Top Items For The RV Homestead – What We Have

1 Cast Iron Skillets – These are amazing and everyone should have at least three… or four… or more. I can remember visiting my grandmother and on her kitchen walls, there were countless cast iron items. They’re long-lasting, they are easy to use and clean, they’re the “original” non-stick pan (when used right), and they don’t have harsh chemicals in them. In our kitchen, we have a small, medium, and a large skillet. We have a biscuit pan, cornbread pan, and a griddle. You can never go wrong with cast iron.

2 Water Bath Canning Set  If you’re doing any sort of homesteading, a water bath canning set is a “must have” item. It is great for canning all the lovely produce you can pick up at the farmers market! Not everyone can or wants to garden, but canning is something that, in my opinion, should be done by all. It’s great for preparing for any disaster that might occur. Or for just cutting down on your grocery bill.

3 Mason Jars  What would we do with mason jars? We use them for cups and we use them to can delicious foods. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes and even colors (clear is preferable for me though). We use these for storing leftovers, broth, foods we can or just using on a daily basis. Personally, I love wide mouth jars because they’re easier for me to clean.

4 InstaPot This is one of the best things I’ve bought so far. I can pressure cook frozen chicken and then cook rice all in about 30 minutes. After that, you can wash it and put more stuff in the slow cooker to be ready for the next day. It’s wonderful and I love it so much. Very useful in a small kitchen.

5 Chemex Coffee Maker  We had a Keurig coffee machine to start in our RV(it was a present). Eventually, I got aggravated with how much space it took up and I told my husband I wanted something new. I had seen many people using these cool looking, pour over coffee makers and was enthralled. So, naturally, I just had to get one. I love this thing. It’s easy to use and quick. Making coffee is kind of meditative now as I watch the water drip from the steel mesh into the flask. I picked mine up at WalMart for pretty cheap, and it came with a wire mesh strainer. I don’t have to worry about filters now 🙂 (*queue happy dance*).

image of a chemex

6 Good Knife – A good knife should go without saying. You can’t really cut much with a knife as dull as a butter knife. If you splurge on anything, I would splurge on a really sharp knife. Personally, I use a knife called a santoku, and I think this is the one I have. It’s not chef quality, but with a good sharpening blade/block, you should be good to go.

7 Coffee Grinder  – While coffee grinders are usually used for coffee ours isn’t really used for grinding coffee. We use it to grind spices and salt mainly. But, if you buy coffee beans you can grind the coffee as fine or chunky as you want. We plan to buy beans soon though because our coffee is pretty finely ground and gets in the coffee as it drains. I don’t like that part, but my husband could care less.

8 Mortar & Pestle – This is also great for grinding spices. I have a pretty big mortar and pestle my grandmother bought me as a present from out west. I love it, but often get scared of dropping it on my toe. It’s stone granite of sorts. Very. Heavy. I love it though. Find one you love and you’ll never be unhappy with having it around.

image of a mortar and pestle

9 Food Containers – Storing leftovers is essential. I love glass containers to store my food in so I can reheat it at work. We tossed plastic long ago and haven’t looked back yet.

10 Good Pair of Scissors – Good scissors can never not be a “must have”. We’re always using scissors. Heck, I even use scissors for cutting bacon up to put in our green beans. It’s effective, even if it’s kind of weird. So, they’re useful for a variety of things.

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11 Magnet Strip for Knives – This is a life saver. I’ve always been scared of my kids grabbing knives out of the drawers in the camper (hello short drawers). So, rather than freaking out all the time we bought a magnet strip and now the knives just stick to the strip. It’s amazing. Not to mention, it keeps your drawers clear of clutter.

12 Command Hooks – Best. Thing. Ever. We use these for coffee cups, measuring cups, measuring spoons and ladles in the kitchen. They’re amazing. Great for RV’s or small spaces. I usually grab a few packs every so often when I’m in WalMart or Lowes.

13 Kitchen Scale – I use this for recipes that call for specific measurements or if I’m weighing out meats/veggies. I try to portion out our food to help keep from letting things ruin. Again, WalMart had my back with this one thankfully. If you can’t find one at WalMart, this one is close to what I have, not to mention it can measure up to 11lbs.

14 Measuring Cups & Spoons – I don’t know what I’d do without these. I’m not a great eye-baller when it comes to measurements. Maybe I’ll get there down the road, but I’m not there yet. So, they’re my necessities for now. I’m glad they’re small too, and lightweight so I can hang them on command hooks. I like stainless steel for these, mostly because I was tired of the plastic ones breaking or getting cracked.

15 Hand mixer, Blender & Immersion Blender – If you wanted, you could probably downsize and only use one of these if you wanted to, but I like having options. The immersion blender is great for blending soups… it’s amazing. I’m pretty sure I have this set, and it fits great under my sink. The blender is great for smoothies, sauces, and such. We have a Vitamix, but it’s not necessary to go that high tech. Mine was a gift for graduating college (thanks grandpa!). Hand mixers are great for bread, cake, potatoes and whatever other things you might use a hand mixer.

16 Quality Wooden Cutting Board – I definitely prefer woodblock cutting boards over plastic ones. They hold up longer, and that means less plastic in the world. Win-win for me. We’ve tried a glass cutting board… it didn’t go so well. Everything slid all over the place and I got pretty irritated. Needless to say, that pretty class cutting board is now just a decoration. Our board is from WalMart and is from The Pioneer Woman.

image of wood cutting board and cloth

17 Wire Mesh Strainers – These babies are worth their weight in gold, especially the fine mesh kind. They make straining lovely liquid gold (I mean broth) easy. Fine mesh strainers help to catch all the little bits that a larger mesh might miss. Need a tighter mesh? Line it with cheesecloth! They’re good for straining teas, broth, noodles, or anything needing straining really. I want a few more actually.

18 Mixing Bowls – What can I say? Multiple sizes of mixing bowls are a must. If you don’t have multiple sizes then you’re missing out. We own some stainless steel bowls and glass bowls. I don’t have favorites… I love them both.

19 Dutch Oven – I was gifted one of these by my grandmother. And, it was the. Best. Gift. Ever. Seriously, I love that thing. We have this tripod castiron stand we put over our firepit and we’ve cooked many soups in it. I haven’t tried much else yet, it has been kind of reserved for fire cooking. Maybe I need another one?

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Top Items For The RV Homestead – Our Kitchen Wish List

20 Pressure Canner – We plan on buying quite a bit of produce from the farmers market this year. Well, at least we’ll buy what we need to stock our pantry for this year. To do that, we’ll need a pressure canner, and that’s why it’s on our wish list (i.e. get very soon list). With canning season approaching fast, we’re saving up to get one so we are able to can more than tomatoes and jam this season. We’re likely getting the 10.5 pressure canner.

21 Veggie Peeler – I’ve been using a knife to do a lot of my peeling, but sometimes I take a bit more than I intend off of a potato, cucumber or carrot. So, I figure it’s time I get a nice veggie peeler.

22 Grain Mill – I’m not sure which I want more right now, honestly, pressure canner or grain mill. They’re both so helpful in cutting costs. Maybe I’ll get lucky and be able to buy them both at once ;). If you have a suggestion of which we should buy, let me know!

23 FoodSaver System – I want this simply because I’m tired of “freezer” bags not really keeping the food from getting frostbite. So, I’m saving to splurge on this fancy device. I want one that also has the attachment to seal food in jars!

24 MasonTops Fermentation Kit – I’ll be honest, I know that I could do fermentation without all the hullabaloo, but these are nifty. And, I may have ruined my fair share of sauerkraut trying to make it for my husband. It kinda sucks. So, this is on my wishlist too. And, of course, it’s for wide mouth jars.

What are your top RV homestead kitchen items?

Are there some here that you feel I forgot?
Maybe something I’m not aware of and could really use this season?

We’re always looking for items that will make our RV homestead kitchen more efficient, and also cut down on space hoggers.

Here soon we’ll be going over how we’re renovating our RV kitchen and living area. I can’t wait to show you.

image of a kitchen with items on a counter

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2 Replies to “Top RV Homestead Kitchen Items You Need”

  1. This is a great list. Do you plan to have external storage for your canned goods? Are you mobile in your RV or stationary? So many questions.

    1. Hi Lisa 🙂
      We’re currently stationary. My husband has a job working at a military installation as a contractor. So, we’ll be here for a while.

      In regards to canned goods storage… I’m actually going to do a post on food storage, but one of our pantries we ended up putting multiple shelves in for canned goods. However, once we start canning some food we’re going to be using the area under my daughter’s bed for storage. We can put quite a few canned goods in there.

      Shoot me any other questions you have. I’ll try to get some posts up explaining things 🙂


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