RV Summertime Activities for Kids

School is out and the kids are home (if you traditional school). Now what? It’s time for some RV summertime activities! So, break out your notepad and get your list going. You don’t have to have a different activity for each day, but it will be nice to have a good many listed to choose from.

image of a little girl sitting in the road

If your kids are like mine, and most kids probably are, they get bored easily and have energy that seems to last for weeks on end. Am I right? We have no idea where the energy comes from or why it doesn’t leave them, but they have it! That’s why we need to find activities that will help either focus their mind or give them a way to burn off the energy.

RV Summertime Activities for Kids

We love to be outside and playing. Sometimes that’s not always possible though. So, here’s a mix of indoor and outdoor activities that your kids can do whether you live in an RV, tiny house or regular home. The activities aren’t specific to one style of living but are definitely ones we enjoy doing.

#1 Play Tag Outside

image of a father and son playing

Easy and free summertime activities are the best! This one gets them running and giggling. And, honestly, if you’re playing tag with them and you’re fairly agile you can avoid being tagged pretty easily.

My husband does this all the time. Our son will run all over the place chasing him and my husband will hop out of the way as he made his way to the base. It’s quite comical really to watch it all unfold.

Beware: if your child is a poor sport this might not be fun for them.

I know this first hand because my son can be somewhat of a poor sport and fall to the ground if he doesn’t tag my husband. So, we use this as a way to teach him sportsmanship too.

#2 Setup a Mini-Obstacle Course

This is kind of the same thing as the whole tag aspect. You’re getting them running and burning off their energy. But, not only that, you’re helping them develop their agility by setting up little things they have to do.

You can use sticks, logs, firewood, tables, ropes or anything really that you have lying around. It doesn’t have to be complicated or over the top. Just give them a little something to do and you can even time them to make it even more fun!

For other activities that kids can do while living in an RV check out this post.

#3 Nature Walk Outside

image of man walking in nature

Since we love nature and being outside so much it stands to reason we would love nature walks. You can do this in a neighborhood, park, backyard, or wherever you live really.

The key is getting them outside, walking and trying to identify things they see. You can let them carry a basket or bag of some sort so they can carry their finds back home to examine. Just, watch out so they don’t pick up something like owl poop or some other sort of animal feces.

While it might have been cool to dissect it in school… we had gloves and not bare hands ;).

#4 Sprinkler Fun

Who doesn’t love running through a sprinkler on a hot summer day? If you said you, then I feel sad for you. 

This is a great one to get involved with your kids on. They’ll enjoy racing you and seeing who can get drenched the fastest. Or they’ll pick up the hose and just spray you down until you wrangle it from them. We love this sprinkler right here.

Definitely remind them to be careful when running near the sprinkler though. I can’t imagine falling on it would feel good. Thankfully, neither of my kids have tripped over the sprinkler yet. I imagine the time is coming.

We shall see! Either way, it’s good summertime fun.

#5 DIY Twister Sheet

image of diy twister mat and spinner
Image Courtesy of The Nest

Everyone loves a good game of Twister! But, what if you don’t have it? Or, what if you wanted to make your own? Well, you’re in luck! Over at The Nest, there’s this lovely little article that teaches you how to make your very own. You don’t need to read it, but it’s super helpful and has lots of good images.

Check out this post right here to learn how to make your own DIY Twister sheet and spinner: DIY Your Own Summer Twister Board

#6 Sidewalk Chalk Hopscotch

Ahhh Doesn’t this bring you back to your childhood? I know it does for me!

Hopscotch is something kids of many different ages can enjoy. All it takes is a little chalk and a couple stones. Chalk is fairly cheap and you can get a big bucket of different colors too. Our kids love the colorful chalk and will sit for hours drawing on a campsite pad that’s unoccupied.

At first, we got a few pieces of chalk for the kids to use, but those didn’t last long. So, we got this set here and we’re letting them play with some and stashing the rest for later! Gotta think fast so they don’t break them all.

It’s easy to clean off so I don’t have to worry about us getting into any trouble.

Check out more activities you could do with your kids here!

#7 Chalk Tic Tac Toe

Just like hopscotch, you can sit down on a sidewalk or carport and play big tic tac toe with the kids. My son loves to play tic tac toe. My daughter not so much, but she’s still young.

Honestly, my son is pretty good at tic tac toe if he really thinks. He’s beat me a few times when I let my guard down. And, I’m not too proud to admit that I was beaten by a 5-year-old at tic tac toe haha.

#8 Cardboard Forts or Castles

Do you have a big cardboard box lying around the house? Or, maybe can you go grab a few from WalMart or something?

Letting the kids dress up a cardboard box and pretend it’s a castle, or a fort, or a spaceship. Basically, let them get creative and play make-believe. It helps to expand their imagination.

We have a cardboard box under our RV that the kids still play with. I think it needs to be replaced though. So, if I don’t get a big box in the mail I’ll be getting one for them. They play with it almost every time we go outside.

#9 Bunk Bed Forts

Even if you don’t have bunk beds you can still build a fort type thing for your kids. It takes a few blankets and something to build the fort over and that’s it.

What we do is drape a sheet from the top bunk down over the bottom bunk and the kids will hide in the bottom bunk with flashlights. It’s a great way to entertain them while I’m making lunch or supper.

They play in their room and I get a little me time while I’m cooking. It’s a win-win! Not to mention listening to them playing in their hideout is kind of hilarious.

#10 Scavenger Hunts (educational and not)

These are pretty fun for everyone. I’ll write down a short list of things I think we’d be able to find on a little walk and tell my kids what to look for. Since they can’t read for themselves yet I usually keep it to about 5 items. This allows them to remember them a little easier.

Either my husband or I will carry a Ziploc or something for them to put the things they find in. They get so excited when they find things on the list. My daughter loves finding bugs so we try to make at least one item a bug. Bleh. She didn’t get it from me.

Here are some more easy cleanup activities for your kids!

#11 DIY Playdough

I tried making playdoh before and failed. Then I found this pretty awesome post by Domestic Super Hero and was pretty excited. It was a great recipe that actually worked.

But, if you don’t want to make playdoh, we enjoy the regular ole playdoh you can get from the store. Or, you can order them here!

We will sit on the floor for a good while and play with playdoh. Just make sure your area is swept and clean before you start playing. No one likes dirty playdoh!

#12 Coloring Activities

image of a child coloring

We try to get non-ordinary coloring books for our kids. While it’s all well and fun for them to color Mickey Mouse or Jake and the Neverland Pirate coloring books I like things that also challenge them a little.

Don’t get me wrong, we have fun coloring books too, but we like to throw others in there too.

We love ones like the following:

I’m still looking for some a little bigger for my daughter since she’s only 3, but she has fun either way with coloring these.

Still looking for more activities?

Here’s a post by a lovely woman I know! Ludavia wrote a wonderful post with a roundup of lots of activities that kids can have fun with.

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