How to Survive Motherhood & Keep Your Sanity

Ever feel like you’re on the edge of a cliff and you won’t survive motherhood? All the stress, sleepless nights and screaming getting to you? Feeling like you want to yank out all of your hair? Or perhaps you want to go down a gallon of ice cream while sitting on the kitchen floor (or in the closet to hide)?

It’s ok. We’ve all been there, and some folks more than others (double if you have twins).

At the moment of writing this, my kids are 2 and almost 5 years old and sometimes I feel like I won’t survive motherhood.

How to Survive Motherhood & Keep Your Sanity

On a good day, my son will have loads of energy and be nice to his sister. They’ll play and run around the house like crazy kids and be laughing and giggling, while simultaneously getting into all the mischief they can without actually harming themselves.

  • running in and out of my bedroom
  • taking pots and pans out of the cabinets
  • climbing on the couch and looking out the window
  • tapping on said window and hollering at the birds/chipmunks/squirrels
  • scattering toys from one wall to the next
  • finding markers Lord knows where and marking all over themselves (thankfully not the wall most days)
  • hollering to go outside
    • for food
    • for drinks
  • pulling books off the bookshelves

I think you get the point, right? Typical, ordinary day in the life with kids.

The good days aren’t exactly outnumbering the not so good days, though.

I’ve learned how to survive motherhood by the grace of God really. It took some tinkering, some screaming, a little beer (don’t judge, I’m sure you like beer or wine too), and a lot of timeouts/nap times.


  • them hitting one another
  • maybe kicking one another
  • pushing one another
  • screaming at the top of their lungs
  • ripping paper into tiny pieces and scattering them everywhere
  • my daughter taking her diaper off then proceeding to run around the house (and pee on the floor)
  • crying over the wrong food
  • crying over the right food
  • refusing to eat food they wanted
  • crying because candy isn’t a good idea
  • then flopping on the floor because I won’t cave in
  • kicking the walls
  • hitting the walls with whatever they can find (albeit no holes yet)

And that list could go on and on…

I’d like to say that there’s a miracle cure for all of this, but that would be a lie and I won’t lie about this.

So, how do I survive motherhood most days?

5 things that really help me:

  1. Yoga
    1. This is a really big one for me and has helped me tremendously. I’m also positive that regular exercise will help too. Especially, if you’re running or lifting weights. It helps take the pent-up energy/emotions and release them. But, yoga, in general, uses the breath through movement and it helps calm me down some. If I’m lucky, my son will get on his mat and dance around pretending to do yoga too. Not only is that amusing, but it helps keep the mood light and lifts my spirits.
  2. Walking outside to breathe
    1. Sometimes I take the kids outside to let them run and play just so I can get a breath of fresh air and connect my feet to the ground.
  3. Lavender essential oil OR Stress Away Roll On
    1. I love Young Living Essential Oils. They’re absolutely amazing and I find myself reaching for Stress Away quite often sometimes. I just put it on my wrists, the back of my neck and breathe deeply.
  4. Dancing it out to high vibe jams on Pandora
    1. This is just fun and I love it. It is definitely a stress reliever in my book. What jams do you love to dance to?
  5. Taking a hot bath
    1. Last but not least… taking a hot bath! Toss a bit of lavender essential oil in there with some Epsom salt and voila! Easy stress relief in a tub. Want a little more? Turn off the lights and light up a few candles and put on some slow jazz or soothing music.

There you have it! My 5 ways to survive motherhood right there for the testing.


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6 Replies to “How to Survive Motherhood & Keep Your Sanity”

    1. Mm yes. Sometimes I prefer a shower to a bath because I can let the water pound on my shoulders and head to relieve stress.

  1. “Breath” is one breath… “breathe” is the verb for taking many breaths.
    Also, personally, I don’t like the word choice of survive. People survive cancer. Or abuse. Or a hurricane. Motherhood is something beautiful and should be cherished. Yes, it’s hard some days, but children are a gift… not a malady/trauma/natural disaster. Choosing to birth and raise a human being should not be then used to victimize oneself :/
    That said, your tips are good quick stress busters!

    1. Hi K,
      Sorry for the delay in my response.
      Not everyone feels the way you do in regards to children being a gift. There are women out there that, even though they were gifted with a child, don’t relish the thought of having one. They may love their children, but they don’t love being a mother.
      I know, because I’ve spoken with many, many women who feel that way.
      That being said, this was merely a play on words with the term “survive” and I was not intending to minimize the severity of other true survival instances.

      I’m glad you agree they’re good quick stress busters though. 🙂

      My best,

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