7 Ways to Make Money On Your Homestead

7 Ways to Make Money On Your Homestead

You’ve decided to start homesteading, but now what? Well, now it’s time to start thinking of ways you can make money on your homestead.

The place might as well pay for itself, right?

That’s what my husband and I are deciding on starting now moving into the new year. We weren’t in any sort of stability this year with my husband getting a new job and us traveling between home and where he works three hours away.

You could say that we aren’t exactly fully committed to moving where his new job is located.

Partially this is because it’s cheaper to stay in a camper on the military post where he has a contractor job. And, partially it’s because our “home” still very much feels like it’s where we were living before.

Our small family of 4 live in a family home on family land, and we’re not ready to give all of that up just yet. We share a piece of land between my husband, his mom, and grandmother. We’ve been there since 2011 more or less and it’s really hard to part ways with that land.

Not to mention we have our dogs, chickens, and horses there as well. Thankfully, his family is so amazing and they have been taking care of our animals during the weeks my and the kids come down and stay in the camper.

We’ve had people tell us, “why not make money from your homestead,”  but never took them seriously. As time went on we started to understand why they were telling us these things.

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With all of this in mind, we’ve decided to start making use of the land to try and make a little (or more) money from it. But, we’re also wanting to contribute more to what our family needs there and also plumping up our savings for our own plot of land.

These are just some of the ways we’ve found that you can make money from your homestead and most can be started really simply.

7 Ways to Make Money On Your Homestead

There are many, many ways that you can make money from a homestead, even a small one. And, since we’re relatively limited with what we are able to do on the land we live on we had to get creative. Thankfully, this isn’t an issue for us, and my husband is quite handy.

For instance, we’re technically only allowed to have chickens and horses on our land in regards to “farm” animals. This hinders us from raising goats, sheep or cows. While that used to upset me a great bit because I had this idea of what I wanted to do and have on the land, I had to take a reality check. It’s not “my” land and therefore I don’t really have a say.

But, that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t and can’t be grateful. I am able to have my wonderful horses who’ve helped me through tough times and my little furry chicks.

From there, I set out to research ways that I could make money from a small homestead and share so that others would know too. You don’t have to start with a huge homestead to make money, and we’re going to show you that it’s possible.

How to Make Money On Your Homestead Starting Today

1 Sell Eggs

When you’re raising chickens having eggs that you’ll be able to collect on a daily basis is the first thing people think about. And what’s more important is you can sell them!

You can sell your eggs either in half dozen, dozen or other quantities at your local farmers market or around your town. If you’re part of some groups on Facebook you can market your eggs there to reach a broader audience.

Craigslist is another great way to market the eggs you have for sale.

You’ll never know where you’ll find a repeat customer, and that’s what’s great about eggs. People will come back for more each time they run out which makes this a great way to make money on your homestead! Even if it’s small.

Nothing beats farm fresh eggs :).

2 Raise Chickens for Meat

Raising chickens can also lead to raising chickens to sell for meat. Many people would rather purchase a home butchered chicken over a store bought one any day of the week. (and if they don’t…. they’re weird I say :P)

Usually, the person raising the chicken should be able to tell you exactly what they’re feeding their chickens. This helps with keeping the customer informed and more likely to keep coming back.

So, that’s a perk for you, be open about what you feed your animals and how they’re raised. People love knowing where their meat comes from, but remember there are quite a few that don’t want all the unnecessary butchery details.

You can raise and butcher what you need for your family and then raise more to sell off. This will help to help offset the cost of feed and other things needed to raise chickens. And, if you’re lucky you can make a nice little income on the side!

And, if you’re lucky you can make a nice little income on the side!

3 Grow a (Bigger) Garden

If you aren’t already, you should be growing a garden. Even if you start small and expand as you go. This will help you save money on food each month. And, if you have any produce left over you can either can it for winter or sell it.

If you already garden each year, then try going bigger. Like I mentioned above, anything that isn’t eaten or canned can be sold. Many people want farm fresh produce. We’re talking “the day it was picked” fresh produce because it hands down better tasting.

Folks want yummy veggies and fruits and they’re ready to buy from you rather than going to a store. And, if you box it up and have it all ready to go for when they arrive it’s even better. This is a great way to make money on your homestead and it’s something you can do in Spring, Summer, and Fall.

This is one of the best ways to make money on your homestead and it’s something you can do in Spring, Summer, and Fall. Just be sure to check out what plants need to be planted when!

4 Grow Herbs

Growing herbs kind of ties in with growing a garden. If you’re not able to grow a garden that produces more than you eat or feel like canning, then growing herbs is great. You can grow herbs in a relatively small area and grow quite a bit too.

As far as selling herbs, you can sell them fresh, dry or even in spice mixes! Another idea is using something like lavender or rosemary and making eye pillows or bath salts. Mmm, I know it’s on my list (just have to not keep it all for myself).

If you aren’t sure how to grow herbs just take a spin on Pinterest and you will find tons of information. I rarely google anymore. I just open Pinterest and type what I’m looking for and up pop many posts on just what I wanted.

5 Hatch Chicks

We’re already starting to think of ways to test this one.

Selling eggs is way easier because you can collect them and they’ll last a bit before you need to use them or sell them. Chicks, on the other hand, you typically want to have hatched and sold within a day of them hatching. This keeps down on the cost of the animals and allows you to free up room for more to hatch.

Since I’m still transitioning between home and the camper we’re trying to figure out how to make this work. At the present moment, we’re hatching about a dozen eggs for our own flock. We have 4 hens and are trying to beef that number up to 8-15 hens. This way we’re able to get a good many eggs each day/week.

If we see that the number of eggs we’re collecting still isn’t enough to bother hatching for selling we’ll probably hatch more to add to our flock. It’s all a numbers game really. We have to take the weekly egg count and subtract out what we set aside for our families to eat

It’s all a numbers game really. We have to take the weekly egg count and subtract out what we set aside for our families to eat and see what’s left after that. If it were just my family it would be easy, but there are three families on our hill so it gets a little hairy sometimes.

We all love eggs (except my son) so we need a good many hens to produce more than we eat. You can’t make money on your homestead if you’re eating all of your products. To keep it from being a problem just produce more!

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6 Goat Milk Soap

Ok, I know I said that I am not able to raise goats so hear me out. If you know someone who DOES raise goats you could have an opportunity to trade for milk. You can either trade eggs, chickens, meat chickens, produce or herbs and get the milk in return!

Be sure to stock up on goat milk though so you don’t run out, and learn how to store it long term here.

Even if you don’t have goats, goat milk soap is a great way to make money on your homestead without having to actually tend to any animals. Meaning, you don’t have to pay for food, bedding or worry about breeding. So you get the benefits without all the drawbacks. Win, win!

7 Candle Making

Again, this is something you can trade items for in order to stock up ingredients. If you know someone with beehives, it’s a great opportunity to meet with them. You can find a way to work out some sort of deal to trade for honeycomb.

The comb can be boiled down and the beeswax will be whats left for use in making your candles. Here’s a great article on rendering honeycomb for beeswax.

Once you learn how to render the comb and start collecting the wax you can start creating your candle concoctions. You can easily sell these online, at a farmers market or sell them to friends. Not to mention, these can make excellent gifts as well during the holidays!

You can knock off making money and saving money with one whack here.

Getting Started On Your Journey

When it comes to trying to make money on your homestead, don’t let the idea of doing it all weigh you down. Start where you are and grow from there. If you’re able to make money from your homestead when it’s small it will help to build your homestead even bigger over time. This is one of the reasons we’re starting now.

We want our homestead to pay for itself rather than paying for a homestead.

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Start where you are and learn how you can make money from your homestead with small things starting today.

7 Ways to Make Money On Your Homestead Starting Today

Do you know of other ways to make money on a homestead that can be started today? Share them below so others can add to their lists!

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