Why We Decided Not to Fully Renovate Our RV

I love seeing all the images and stories of people who fully renovated their RV or camper. It’s super inspiring and the images make me swoon. But, after much deliberation, we decided not to fully renovate our RV. The discussion lasted for many months even before we fully paid for this thing.

Ultimately, it came down to a few reasons. Some are more serious than others. We’re still going to do some renovations, but we won’t be tearing walls down or removing whole pieces of furniture.

No matter how much I want to do that.

Why We Decided Not to Fully Renovate Our RV

#1 We live in this thing full time

Gutting even a portion of it would throw our whole home into a disarray. Ask me how I know?

We’ve started painting our living/kitchen area and just from the few days of painting our living area gets completely trashed. Not literal trash all over the place, but just the shifting of all the things we have to move. It was a wreck for two days before I told my husband we had to pause painting so I could have a little sanity.

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#2 We have water damage

Our humble abode was purchased from my husband’s parents and sadly it ended up having a roof leak. We’ve since sealed the roof, but the damage is done. We discussed it and any removal of walls would likely require an entire overhaul. We aren’t ready for that yet.

We haven’t spotted mold so that’s a good thing, but we’d rather save up for a tiny home on wheels built for us by some magicians than try to hack our way through this thing. I think him and I would be more frustrated by the end than anything.

#3 We’re not handy with woodworking

My husband builds me things from time to time or makes shelves for our cabinets and pantries, but that’s pretty much the extent of things. Neither of us is savvy with building cabinets, beds, couches or whatever so the idea of removing things and building new isn’t a lovely idea.

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What We’re Doing Instead

#1 Painting every wall we can

I hate the drab color that companies use to build RVs and campers. It’s dull, dark and dreary. We’re painting the walls a white or eggshell color and the cabinets will be a darker shade. Right now, I’m torn between a brick red or a steel grey/blue color. That or a sunflower yellow color.

#2 Replacing the folding couch with a solid board

Once we finally take the folding couch off the hinges we are going to get a solid piece of wood to use as a couch. So we’re not sitting on straight board, I’m going to use a padding to make it couch-like and super cushy.

This padding here is what we’ve been looking at on Amazon. It’s 2″ thick, but if I wanted it to be thicker I could double it up. From there I will take some fabric and then staple it to the underside of the board once I’ve reinforced the edge of the fabric.

#3 Putting drawers under our bed

One thing I want to attempt to do is cut our closets beside either side of our bed so we can fit a king size bed in there. But, we’re not sure if the roof is being supported by them or not. My husband said he needs to investigate it first.

So, I told him not to worry about it and that we’d just put drawers in the space under our bed instead. Or build cubbies with shelves. Either way is fine with me. I just want to get creative with storage for clothing so it’s more out of sight/out of mind kind of thing AND organized.

The shelving in our closet space by our beds has been nice, but it’s not the best. I’m also a wee bit picky.

#4 Add shelves under our sink

We’ve added shelves to our pantry area (that was shelf-less for some reason) and we’ve recently added shelving to our kitchen cabinets too. It’s not the prettiest, but it’s super helpful and I love it.

(If you’re reading this baby… thank you!)

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#5 Replace the slide border facing

The slide facing is hideous and has this cloth covered center that I just want to rip off. Thankfully, my husband is going to help me remove the facing so we can put something different on there. I’m thinking about using cedar planks for the siding.

I love the smell of cedar :).

#6 Replace the window covers

The same thing as the slide facing, these window valances have a cloth covering that is just not pretty. I plan to replace it with either oak or cedar planks and then sewing some curtains to replace the current window coverings.

Our couch has some throw pillows with a color combo of sunflower yellow/steel grey. So, I’ll probably stick to that for the living room.

#7 New coverings for the kitchen cushions

I’m not sure why RV companies think the cloth they choose looks good. I really don’t get it. With all the renovations people are doing and posting about on the internet, I would think that companies would get the hint and start aiming for modern looks. But, maybe I’m wrong.

However, the same cloth that covered the valances and the slide siding is covering our kitchen table cushions and seat siding. That will be changed promptly once I bring my sewing machine from the house to the camper. Now I just need to figure out what kind of fabric I want to use to cover my seats.

#8 Using Command Hooks for extra storage

Command Hooks are probably one of THE most important items we’ve bought to renovate our RV camper. These little doo-dads have saved us on more than one occasion.

We have quite a few coffee cups as that’s pretty much what we drink out of besides these lovely mason jars that we love. But, besides using them to hang coffee cups we use them for hanging coats, towels, my hair dryer, a dry brush and so much more.

They’re also something we used to make the shelves in our pantries. We weren’t confident enough to screw anything into the walls in the pantry so we used 4 Command Hooks to place boards on for shelving. So far it has worked beautifully.

Are you contemplating fully renovating your RV? I’d love to see your space transformation.

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2 Replies to “Why We Decided Not to Fully Renovate Our RV”

  1. I renovated my 26’ camper mostly by myself. I had one of those beds you had to lift up to store under. Umm no go! Ripped that puppy out (without my husband aware that I was destroying our camper-he was working 1500 miles away…) built a frame that housed 2 of those over the sink cabinets you can get at Lowe’s and made the end where you can drop down the door and store winter clothes, blankets or other bulky items. He was actually impressed when he saw it. Also added a lot of shelving as all that wasted space was driving me crazy. I use those stackable drawers to hold things like utensils and measuring cups as I don’t have 1 drawer!! Not sure how to add pics.

    1. Oooh, that’s a good idea for the bed area! We haven’t tackled that yet. We still have the thing you lift up. I hate it with a passion. I’ll have to check out Lowes for sure! If you want to send pictures you can email hello@simplelittlehomestead.com for me to see 🙂 I would love to see your pictures.

      We use command hooks for our measuring spoons and coffee cups. We have 3 drawers thankfully, but only use two for utensils and cooking things. The last drawer is like junk drawer / where we put our glass food containers.
      Thanks for stopping by!!!

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