How to Workout While Living In an RV

Small spaces can make you feel cramped and like you have no room to do anything. Especially when you’re wanting to do a workout. But, trying to workout while living in an RV doesn’t have to be some mystifying thing. You just have to figure out what will work and what won’t.

When things won’t work you have to compromise and find other ways. If it’s gorgeous outside then taking your workout outside is an obvious choice, but if you would rather workout in the comfort of your humble abode then it’s possible. You just need to get creative.

How to Workout While Living In an RV

Depending on how small your RV living area is will really depend on what you can actually do for a workout. I don’t advise doing any jumping exercises like jumping jacks, jumping squats or even burpees. Burpees mainly because not all RV’s have a really high ceiling and trying to jump in the air just doesn’t cut it really.

But, for the most part, you can do a good bit of weight lifting and bodyweight exercises inside your RV and can get a really good workout in. Just because you’re living in a small space doesn’t mean you are limited too much. You just need to think outside of the box when it comes to working out.

The one thing I wish I could do in our RV is to add a pull-up bar to one of the doorways. But, I don’t think ours is sturdy enough to hold me.

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But, here’s how to workout in your RV without feeling limited:

#1 Make Your Workout Plan

Knowing what you’re going to be doing for each workout is super helpful. You’ll be able to get all your gear together and not waste time trying to think of what to do next.

I would suggest jotting down a week’s worth of workouts at a time and keep it handy. Your fridge is a good place to hang your workout plan. It will keep it fresh in your mind and if your fridge is near your living area then you don’t have to walk too far to see what’s next in your workout.

You want to make things as simple as possible so you’re not tempted to just not do it. Also, by working out in your RV you’re saving money on a gym membership.

#2 Try to Eliminate Jumping Moves

Like I said above, not doing any jumping moves is ideal since RV’s are typically on jacks. If you feel comfortable jumping around in your RV then go for it. I’m not that comfy jumping around though. This also goes for jumping lunges, lateral shuffles, etc.

I’d rather take the workout outside to do any jumping moves if I needed too. No sense in taking chances in your RV by braking something. Maybe I’m being a bit overdramatic, but, meh, better safe than sorry!

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#3 Weights Are Great

A lot of women are scared of lifting weights because they think they’ll get bulky. But, the opposite happens really. When you start using weights you actually slim your body down and your body can burn fat more efficiently.

So, don’t be afraid to get a set or more of weights to keep in your RV for RV workouts. Just start by having two sets of different weights and slowly work your way up to different weights if you need too.

Lifting weights is probably the easiest way to workout in your RV and still really get a good workout. You’re standing relatively stationary, and you’re able to work your muscles.

#4 Yoga is Amazing

You don’t need a lot of room to practice yoga. Just roll out your mat in the living room and you’re golden. There are some great YouTube channels you can watch and follow along with.

Yoga is great if you’re feeling particularly stressed or if you’re starting to feel tense. It helps to calm your mind and body and release tension that’s being held all over.

Roll out your mat and get your yoga on at least 1-2 times a week.

#5 Clear the Space

We all know that RV’s can get cluttered really fast. It’s a small space and doesn’t take long at all for it to get cluttered and cramped. You don’t want to be moving things around as you’re trying to work out, so go ahead and clean up the area before you get started.

There’s nothing like stepping on a lego, dog toy, or random sneaker mid-workout and crashing to the floor. Believe me… it’s not fun. You end up losing your Sunday school lessons quick, fast and in a hurry. That’s when you’ll have wished you had picked up before starting your workout.

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#6 Stay Motivated

Sometimes it can be a little annoying working out in your RV. Space is limited, you have to figure out what you’re going to do, you might not feel in the mood… Try to create a space that is fun to workout in.

Some good tips for not making excuses are:

  • Set your clothes out the night before
  • Set your equipment out (but not where you can trip in the middle of the night)
  • Know what you’re going to be doing

#7 Get Outside If You Need Too

Maybe you really want to do a workout that requires a lot of movement. Maybe you’re wanting to do some jump roping, or you want to toss a medicine ball up a tree.

You don’t have to workout inside. Depending on where you live you might be able to do your workouts outside every day. We live in a super humid area and it really sucks.  So, I try to limit my outside exercise unless I’m wanting to seriously sweet.

Don’t Get Discouraged By the Small Spaces

It might be a little odd at first, but you’ll start getting the hang of it. Creating workouts that are easy to do in an RV will get easier as you find the different exercises that work best in the small space. Don’t get discouraged though. There is so much that you can do in your RV workout wise.

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